Last Drop Revision Timetable

Year 11 students were given a ‘Last Drop’ Revision Timetable today, detailing compulsory revision sessions during curriculum time during the GCSE exam period. The sole aim of these sessions is to prepare students with last minute tips and reminders about the format and technique for the paper to ensure they achieve their potential during the exam itself. Sessions will either take place on the day of or the day before the exam. Students must attend these revision sessions where applicable to their GCSE subjects, rather than their normal lessons. If students do not study the subject, they should attend lessons as normal up until May half-term. After May half-term, students just need to come in for these revision sessions and their exams.

Please appreciate that it is not possible for all sessions to be open to all students, although the vast majority are. This is because some Year 11 teachers teach more than 1 exam class and we cannot take other Year 11 teachers from their Year 12 and Year 13 exam classes, especially at this time of year. As a result some sessions are invitation only; relevant students will receive individual letters this week. We would ask for your support in reminding your son/daughter which sessions they are to attend in the coming weeks. If you have any queries at all, please contact Mr D Heaton, Director of Learning, or Miss N Dixon via the school number.