Battle Of The Ages Rugby Game

Battle of the Ages RugbyFriday night saw Lymm Rugby Club host the first, for a number of years, Lymm High School old boys game suitably dubbed ‘Battle of the Ages’. With superb weather and an excellent surface to play on, the game had been eagerly anticipated by all involved. Was the size and strength of the over 20s going to win over the speed and fitness of the under 20s?

The game started at a frantic pace, the over 20s sending big strong runners at a determined young defence. It was 5 minutes in when the first try was scored to give the overs a 7-0 lead. The game continued in the same vein, the Bray brothers controlling much of the action for the over 20s and showing why Lenny D was keen for them to join the school in the sixth form. But it was an old 1st XV captain and current 1st XV coach Adam Fletcher’s cameo that got the crowd excited. Offloads and a willingness to use the outstanding Dave ‘graveyard’ Williamson from fullback, gave the overs a 21-0 lead.

The under’s were not going to stand and watch these old timers treat it like an exhibition match and they started to put more pressure on in defence and then started to have attacks of their own. It was former 1st XV captain Max Caldwell that intercepted a ball and scored a try from within his own half. The half time score was 21-5.

The second half saw the under’s gain more territory and the initial thoughts of a walk over for the overs was gone. Through Oscar McCormack and Sean Parsons, Toby Phillips managed to send these bog lads in the gain some yards and put the under’s on the front foot. It was a nice bit of play down the blind side and then some powerful running helped Oscar barge over for the under’s second score, 21-10.

With fresh faces on the pitch for the overs, well a more experienced look, the game started to be played at a higher tempo. The overs managed to score 2 more well worked tries but it was a fantastic line from Oscar again to take him clear of the defence with just the full back to beat. This time he showed his handling ability and used Nat Johnstone who was motoring up next to him and drew the fullback and Nat scored under the posts.

The highlight of the second half was a Sam Mullarkey Tackle on Josh Davies; whilst the young Davies kept hold of the ball it was a tackle for the highlight package for Sam and I’m sure he will be keeping that one for the grandchildren.

The Most valuable players as voted by the captains of each side were Oscar McCormack and Dave Williamson.

Thank you to all involved with the game and to Adam Fletcher and Chris Kinsey for helping to organise it, to Lymm Rugby club for the facilities and to the players, parents and supporters of the school who made the game such a success. Next year’s game is already being talked about and hopefully it will grow into an outstanding annual event.

Mr Pickles