Lymm Live


Saturday 25th June started as a mixed day weather wise, with grey clouds looming over the vast fields of Lymm High School.  However, undeterred by the showers, preparations continued for one of the last events of Lymm Festival and a great showcase of the diverse talent of Lymm High School and the Lymm community. For those of you who have had the misfortune to miss this unique event in the past, let us highlight what Lymm Live is all about…

Picture a school field transformed into a mini festival ground (but minus the Glastonbury mud!).  The covered stage equipped with PA systems expertly set up by the Lymm High School Music Tech students, is surrounded by an auditorium of hay bales kindly lent to us by a local farmer. However that is not all, as surrounding the stage and temporary natural seating are numerous activities for families including a bouncy slide, face painting, sweet stall and the obligatory fast food van.  There is of course an ice cream van too, as well as a bar run by the volunteers of the Lymm High School PTA selling hot, cold, soft and alcoholic beverages. So the scene is set and as the afternoon goes by many students, parents, grandparents, friends, Lymm Festival supporters and members of the Lymm community wander into the grounds to experience a wide range of entertainment organised by the school.  There is music of various genres, from brass to strings, orchestra to rock bands and singing from some of Lymm High School partner primaries as well as students, teachers and parents.  The atmosphere is laid back with friends catching up with each other, children enjoying the freedom of an open green space and of course soaking up the wonderful talents displayed by the children and students on the stage. This year in addition to the musical entertainment we are pleased to host one of the Lymm Festival acts; ‘Comedy Sportz’, which the children in the crowd find particularly amusing. Volunteers are plentiful when the performers ask for assistance with their act, whether it involves working with the players on the stage or making strange noises into the microphone, or simply coming up with ideas for the teams to base their next activity on. It is plain to see that everyone is having fun and even the sun makes an appearance to warm everyone up and keep the rain away.

Lymm Live has now become an annual event so make sure you put it in your diary for next year – the last Saturday of Lymm Festival.  Tickets are available at the Festival Box Office in the Village Hall Annexe leading up to the Festival or at the School shop or you can just pay at the entrance. All this could not happen without the support and hard work of the performing arts teachers and the talented students but also the ‘invisible’ work done behind the scenes setting up gazebos, bars and then manning the activities on the day by the Lymm High School PTA.  Contrary to popular opinion, although Lymm High School is a large school with well over a 1000 pupils, the PTA is really very small and it is down to a handful of people who give up their time freely to make events such as this a success, so next time you see a PTA request do come along and support those few people as we are always looking for more friends to help us out, even if it is just for one event.

Thanks to all those who came to Lymm Live and especially those who stayed to enjoy the rock bands who patiently waited for their moment of stardom at the end of the afternoon/early evening.  It was once again a success and we look forward to many more. If you would like to see other musical or performing art events held at Lymm High School throughout the year then keep checking on the school website for dates and times.