The Cruelty Class Review

We were very privileged to be invited to review an unpublished book last December, and even more excited to let you know that our class review of ‘The Cruelty’ will be appearing in the Times Educational Supplement (TES) on Friday 17th February.

Four students, Jessica Baillie, Amber Heckstall-Smith, Harriet Priest and Olivia Shackley, were chosen to read a pre-published debut Youth Adult novel by American novelist, Scott Bergstrom, and then each produce a review highlighting their own personal opinions.

The novel is a twist on the film ‘Taken’ and tackles some mature themes and is not advisable for younger students, however the students enjoyed the development of the protagonist Gwendolyn Bloom.

The opportunity to complete the review was well received by the girls who were enthusiastic about the project.  Adi Bloom, a TES reporter, commented that the girls had ‘clear-eyed criticism and the ability to express so clearly what they thought did and did not work about the novel.’

Should you wish to read the reviews please click HERE: