Spring Concert 2017

On Tuesday 28th March, Lymm High School held their annual Spring Concert— a celebration of the wide range of musical talent we have within our school.

The evening was kicked off by the Big Band, with guest singer Suzie Underwood. It was evident the band have made real progress and sounded fantastic. Suzie featured on the night with an arrangement of Halo, and it was a treat to hear some good jazz in the form of  improvised solos in a piece called The Chicken.

Lymm Flutes, thanks to Mrs Dawn Savell, provided a small ensemble contrast. They are growing in confidence and in style, and the contributions from the junior strings and brass featuring our primary players showed us the superstars of the future.

Wonderful performances from the Senior Strings and Senior Brass completed the second half and demonstrated the high end level of talent that we have here at Lymm.

The performers reacted to the large audience well, and we recognise the efforts of Mr David Nicholson in promoting the event.

A huge thank you goes to our directors Mr Ray Kelly, Mrs Jacqui Leighton-Jones and Mr Tom Wyss who made an amazing team!