Year 9 Democracy Day

Year 9 had a brilliant off-timetable day, learning about our fundamental political processes and considering their own beliefs and values.

The sessions focused on how our democratic systems work in the UK. Students also learnt about the different political parties and their platforms, ideologies and policies.

They were given the opportunity to consider where they stood on the political spectrum and which party, if any, most aligned with their views. This then led to students formulating their own questions on key current issues.

The day culminated with a wonderfully executed Question Time event in the school hall.

Our panel members included local councillors from the different political parties who were grilled by our students on their stance on issues ranging from mental health support, to school funding and the effect of Brexit on our local economy.

This was a fantastic day when students really put their learning into practice!

Huge thanks to our visitors: Councillor Rebecca Knowles, Councillor Kath Buckley, Councillor Sheila Woodyatt, Councillor Josh Booth, Councillor Ian Marks and Councillor Peter Walker, as well as to Mr Wright and the team for superb planning and delivery.