Performance Data Published by the DFE

The Department for Education recently published some provisional data on 2018 GCSE results, which has confirmed what we said in the summer about there being plenty of reason to be delighted with our own performance.

The headline measure these days is ‘Progress 8’ – a measure of the progress made by students in 8 GSCE subjects using their performance in KS2 SATs as a baseline. Our score of 0.25 means that Lymm High students made significantly more progress than average, even compared to schools that have similarly able cohorts. To put this into context, this score places us in the top ten schools across the whole of Warrington, Cheshire East and Cheshire West & Chester (a total of 97 schools) for the progress made by our students from their KS2 starting points.

In terms of attainment, our ‘Attainment 8 score’ of 54.8 means we are in the top five of the ninety seven schools across Cheshire and Warrington and in the top 12% of schools in the whole country. This pattern is virtually identical for more traditional measures such as the numbers of students gaining 9-4 grades (equivalent to the old A*-C) or grades 9-5 in English and Maths.

One of the things we are especially proud of is that we have achieved such a strong Progress 8 score whilst maintaining an entirely ethical approach to our curriculum and entry policies. There are a number of ‘games’ that can be played in order to maximise performance in league tables, but we refuse to play them. For example, we could improve our Progress 8 score further by entering students for certain ‘soft options’ that might generate more points for the league tables but would be of no discernible benefit to the individual students concerned. Conversations with parents thus far suggest that you support us in such an approach, and we are grateful for your support and understanding.

Once again, huge well done to last year’s GCSE students and all the parents and staff who supported them!