Year 10 RPE Drop Down Day

On the following days, Y10 will be attending sessions to fulfil the statutory obligation of KS4 RPE.

P1-3 will be taught sessions on issues relating to Religion, Philosophy and Ethics and P4 will be a Q&A assembly with 3 speakers (Christian, Muslim and Humanist).

Please see below to identify which room and teacher you will need to go to. Lessons are to be taught in your English groups.


Tuesday 25th June (week A) – 10X Population Periods 1-3

English class Teacher Room
10X1A JBN A210
10X1B JBW A214
10X3A HBA A206
10X2A KYA A208
10X2B GWI A218
10X3B HJE A211


Thursday 27th June (week A) – 10Y Periods 1-3

English class Teacher Room
10Y1A NJO (p1) and RJH (p2 and 3) A210
10Y1B JBW A214
10Y3A HBA A206
10Y2A EMI A208
10Y2B HRY A218
10Y3B NDI A211