DofE Update – Nov 2019

All Bronze and Silver students are now registered on eDofE. If your child was absent yesterday and missed their appointment, please ask them to visit the School Shop to speak to Mrs Hill ASAP and certainly by Wednesday 4th December.

Gold students are already in the eDofE system because of previous awards and the vast majority of students are registered and have started their activities. Please ask your child to logon and show you that they’ve completed their section planners for Volunteering, Physical and Skill sections and pressed submit so we can approve their aims. Each year, we have a small number of students who, despite chasing them, don’t press submit so we cannot approve the activity they’ve chosen. Other than the fact that we cannot support them with the award, the biggest danger is that they start an activity which is not on the approved list for that section, for example ‘sporting activities’ can only be chosen in the Physical section and not the Skill section. Please click here for a list of approved activities in all sections – students have also been directed to this document which is on our website under Enrichment/Duke of Edinburgh’s Award, along with other useful documents such as one which has ideas and contacts for Volunteering placements.

Next steps for all students – please get your child to logon to eDofE and complete their section planners. This involves going into the 3 sections (Volunteering, Physical and Skill) and choosing an activity, an aim and an assessor. The assessor will be the person completing the report at the end to confirm the student has completed the activity and will comment on what they have learnt/achieved. The assessor must not be a family member. Sometimes students find it difficult if their skill will be completed at home, for example if they choose Cooking as their skill. In this situation, students should take photos of each step of the cooking process for each dish, upload them to eDofE and show them to their Food Tech teacher who can act as an Assessor. Depending on the item cooked, students may want to bring the finished item into school for their Food Tech teacher to see or taste!

Please ask your child to see Mrs Hill in the School Shop if they have any problems with logging on or choosing an activity on eDofE.