German Exchange – by Shaun Wright

We arrived at Manchester airport for 5:00 and had about an hour to spare before boarding the plane to Munich, leaving behind what looked like a weather forecast from hell – which is obviously typical “summer” weather for the north west of England! We had two flights to catch, both of which were short and punctual, which was expected as we did fly with Lufthansa (German efficiency!)  After arriving in Nuremburg, we took two trains to Lauf an der Pegnitz, but Matt Davies (now Head Boy!) left us early to go to Allgäu with his host family. Allgäu is the home of the “Neuschwanstein castle” which for people not into Germany’s culture is known as the Disney castle.

When we arrived in Lauf we were greeted by our partners at the train station, and all 16 of us parted ways for the weekend. However lots of the German partners were friends and it was often the case that there was more than one exchange student with you at once, which was especially good for people who were shy. However…this was not always the case, and some people spent the weekend in a German household, where they hopefully learnt that Germans do not only eat sausage… which was a nice surprise for me! Many people went to restaurants for dinner and experienced some typical Bavarian food, which from my experiences was very nice eg: Klöße (potato or bread dumplings). Over the weekend people went swimming to the big outdoor swimming pool, where the temperature of the water depended on the temperature at the time and it just so happened that in Lauf it was about 28 Celsius so the pool was a “comfortable” (in the words of my exchange partner!) 20 Celsius. Let me tell you that when you have just ‘bombed’ into the German Freibad, without any indication of how cold the water is, 20 Celsius is anything but comfortable!!

Many other people went into Nuremburg, Franconian Switzerland, and visited the toboggan that looked like it was built in the 1960s (it probably was!) and even learnt some new sports…a certain member of the trip spent a full day at judo practice and found himself so enamoured with it that he has now taken up judo as a full time hobby!

On Monday we experienced a day in a German school, where I had to get up at 6am however there were many people who had to get up earlier to get the train to come to school. It was sweltering hot throughout the day and everyone experienced the lessons that their exchange partners were having, which was between us all was a varied spectrum of lessons. After school finished, which was approximately 2pm, we had the rest of the day to do whatever we liked with our partners. On Tuesday we visited Franconian Switzerland (a beautiful area of the German countryside) which has the highest density of breweries in the world, where we found ourselves in a series of limestone caves learning about how stalactites and stalagmites are formed! After that we visited a chapel and a falconry centre, which made for a very nice day. On Wednesday we had the chance to have a look around Bamberg, which is a very old and colourful town not too far by train, our tour guide was one of many classics teachers from the school and he had no problem telling us all about the history of the buildings and the towns overall historical heritage, which was again very interesting! After our tour of the city we had the chance to go shopping with friends and have another look around for ourselves. On Thursday we went to Nuremburg and more specifically to the “Doku-Zentrum”, which had thousands of artefacts from Nazi Germany and more information regarding the time period than anyone could ever imagine, which for everyone, especially those taking GCSE / A-Level history was amazing!We then had a tour of the grounds around the building, learnt how the architecture helped soldiers march in time and stood where Hitler addressed the thousands. After that we again had the opportunity to do some shopping and have a better look around the city, which is amazing. In the evening, most of the people were met by their German counterparts and met up together in the centre for a meal, which was a good opportunity for people to buy presents etc. On Friday morning we went into school with our partners and experienced some more of their lessons, before saying an emotional farewell to our partners, and setting off on the journey home.

Overall the trip was great and everyone learnt countless new things regarding the culture of Germany, the wonderful German language, and even their schooling system. The weather was great and all of the host families were amazing. All of the Lymm pupils had a great time and are now eagerly awaiting the arrival of their partners to England in October, where the partners will learn loads about our country, culture and language.

GCSE and A Level Exam Results Collection Details

Please note: Due to building work taking place in the school, all exam results will be available for collection in the lower hex – the route will be signposted. There will be no access into the main school building.

Enrolment into Sixth Form will take place in the upper hex on both days.

Thursday 18th August 2016 – GCE Results Day

  • Year 13 GCE results will be available to collect from 7.00am in the Lower Hex.
  • Year 12 GCE results will be available to collect from 9.00am in the Lower Hex.
  • PCs and members of staff will be on hand in S202 to help regarding clearing and queries.

Thursday 25th August 2016 – GCSE Results Day

  • GCSE results will be available for collection from 9.00am in the Lower Hex.
  • Members of staff will be available for help regarding queries.
  • Sixth Form enrolment will be conducted as soon as students receive their results, and this will be completed in the Upper Hexagon.

See below the remark and return of script deadlines.

The following dates apply to A Level results only.

  • Priority remark – 22/08/16
  • Priority remark with photocopy of paper – 22/08/16
  • Priority photocopy of paper – 23/08/16

The dates given below apply to both GCSE and A Level results.

  • Original paper – 30/09/16
  • Clerical check – 14/09/16
  • Clerical check with photocopy of paper – 14/09/16
  • Remark – 14/09/16
  • Remark with photocopy of paper – 14/09/16


Congratulations to Lucy Stanhope

Some great news for one of our students – Lucy Stanhope won the gold medal at British Junior Rowing Championships in WJ18 double sculls this weekend. Lucy has been selected to row for England in the forthcoming ‘home countries’ international regatta between England, Ireland, Scotland and Wales.

Weekly Bulletin: 18th July 2016

Dear parents and carers,

The final week of the school year is upon us and I must start by wishing you all the very best for a wonderful summer. It is a huge privilege to be able to come into work every day to spend time with students as fabulous as ours and I hope you all enjoy being with them over the next few weeks.

As I said last time, it has been a very positive year and really feels as if the school is moving forwards rapidly at the moment. If you haven’t yet had the chance to read my update on the School Improvement Plan, you can do by clicking here. Thank you all very much, as ever, for your support; it makes all the difference.

Network Warrington have informed us that they have made some minor changes to their bus timetables as of September. This includes the following services: 41A, 42 and 42A. Please click here for further information.

Today is a very important day in the school calendar: Founders Day. Already this morning we have seen a number of students returning to their primary schools to help out with gardening and display boards; and a coffee morning organised by sixth form for elderly local residents. Everyone has also taken part in a sponsored walk raising money for Claire House, our chosen charity for this year.   This afternoon, we look forward to the carnival with prizes for the best tutor group stall and more money being raised for Claire House. All these activities form part of our desire to increase the opportunities for our students to play a bigger part in the wider community and these are the kinds of things we want to do more and more of.

Awards Evening took place last Thursday evening and it was a delight to see so many students receiving well-deserved awards for achievement and progress across the curriculum.

I hope everyone is looking forward to Sports Day tomorrow – if the weather reports are to be trusted it looks to be a great, if rather hot, day. Please ensure that students bring sun tan lotion, hats and water with them.

Congratulations go to our new Head Boy, Matthew Davies and Head Girl, Lily Bury; and also to our Deputy Head Boy, Matthew Broadsmith and Deputy Head Girl, Rachael Roberts. I am sure they will all be great ambassadors for our school.

Following from a couple of individual mentions in my bulletins recently, I would like to extend my congratulations to the following students whose work has been chosen to be published as part of the Young Writers Spine-Chillers Saga Competition; Katherine Bushnell, Kyle Branwood, Sophie Howgate, Grace Dougall, Scarlett Wright, Nicholas Mundy, Cara Williamson, Lucy Corrigan, Mia Gilby, Joel Millar, Jessica Salmon, Harvey Talbot, Joe Tomlinson, Andra Barcan, Katie Welling; Daisy Chriscoli, Jack Higgins, Hal Bircham, Daniella Dobozy, Sam Eddleston-Rose, Jaikey Gioacchini, Charlotte Wood, Beth Artingstall, Daniel Seed, Jacob Delaney, Sophie Rylance, Isabelle Graham, Jasmine Lee, Ella Gladwin, Harmony Swift, Amy French, Finley Beardsworth, Lydia Shaw, Joe Talbot, Lottie Cleminson, Amy Nelson, Maddie Kay, Zara McGillivary, Cole Porter, Elliott Bottomley, Noah Harrison, Hannah Morrison, Flynn Smith, Teddy Slight, Bailey Smith, Lily Parsons, Emily Moore, Kyle Soakell, Adam Rimmer and Mia Anderson. A fantastic achievement for them all, well done.

With next year in mind, I would like to draw your attention to a new “Frequently Asked Questions” section of the Parent Communication page on our website; please click here for further information. This follows on from the Parents Forum action plan which has also been updated here. As always, if you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact us via any of the methods suggested.

Finally, please remember the early school closure on Wednesday 20th July. School will be closing at 12.25pm for summer holidays.

Once again, I hope you all have a lovely break, and we look forward to seeing you all in September.

Important Upcoming Dates

  • Tuesday 19 July – Sports Day
  • Wednesday 20 July – Early school closure (12:25pm) for summer holidays
  • Thursday 18th August – A Level Results Day
  • Thursday 25th August – GCSE Results Day
  • Thursday 1st September & Friday 2nd September – INSET Days
  • Monday 5th September – Autumn term begins

Year 7 Ty’n-Y-Felin Residential

Over the past few weeks our Year 7s were lucky enough to be given the opportunity to visit Lymm’s very own residential site, Tyn-Y-Felin, in Anglesey. Two forms per trip; the groups travelled in their halls and this was an excellent opportunity to get to know each other even better as they continue their seven year journey through Lymm High School together. Whilst the weather was changeable for each trip, all the students spent some time on Silver Bay beach, went crabbing with string and bacon in the creek and took part in team building exercises at the residential site. In addition, each student was given the opportunity to go ‘Coasteering’ in Trearddur Bay. This is an amazing experience where students, in wetsuits and lifejackets, are lead around the rocks and cliffs and given the opportunity to jump into the sea from various heights – depending on how daring they are! The students had a great time and were very grateful to be given this experience and they are all looking forward to getting back to Tynny as soon as another opportunity arises!

Changes to Lymm High School Bus times and Routes

Changes to Lymm High School Bus times and Routes

The “school double deck” service buses will change as follows:

AM service 42 departing Lumbrook Road at 0743, will now depart 2 minutes earlier at 0741, and subsequently throughout, arriving at school at 0805, previously 0807.

PM service 41A currently departing school at 1520 will now depart at 1515.

PM service 42A departing school at 1545 will no longer operate.

In addition to this we will be diverting one journey in the morning and afternoon on our service 5, Warrington to Altrincham, through Partington. In the morning this will arrive from Altrincham/Partington at LHS at 0815, and depart 1522 towards Partington/Altrincham.

Please CLICK HERE for your copy of the bus timetable for Warrington – Lymm

Please CLICK HERE for your copy of the bus timetable for Warrington – Altrincham/Partington – Lymm

Merseyside STEM Winners

Congratulations to the Merseyside STEM Robotics challenge day winners: Grace Cooke and Gwen Tavernier and to the Merseyside STEM Medical challenge day winners: Jessica Ward and Hannah Maudsley-Barton. As part of Lymm’s scholar programme, the girls attended Liverpool John Moores University on Wednesday 6th July to take part in an annual Science Technology Engineering and Maths challenge day against students from seven other schools. We are really proud to say that Grace and Gwen from Year 8 came in first place in the Robotics challenge based on their teamwork and programming skills. They programmed an autonomous robot to complete a task set by the organisers and outscored over 90 other students. This was made even more impressive by some of the other challengers being in Year 9. We are equally proud of Jessica and Hannah, also from Year 8, who came in first place in the Medical challenge based on their teamwork and diagnostic skills. The girls diagnosed a patient based on symptoms described to them by a junior doctor and also outscored over 90 other students. Again, this was made even more impressive by some of the other challengers being in Year 9.

School Improvement Plan Update

Last summer, I published a three year School Improvement Plan following extensive consultation with students, staff and parents; this has been on the website all year. I have now added a review against each area of the Plan, which you can read here (the review comments are in red font). It may take a few minutes to read, but I encourage you to set aside some time to do so. We have had a really successful year and there can be no question that the school is improving rapidly. It was nice to see that the editor of Lymm Life referred recently to a “feel good factor” returning to the school and that seems to sum things up very well. I will always try hard to avoid the trap of over-stating how well things are going, but I will say that I could not be more pleased with the progress made this year. We are very heavily over-subscribed for September, staff morale is good and the foundations are now in place to really push forward. Thank you all very much indeed for your continued support.

Mr Williams – Headteacher