Are you worried about the amount of revision your child is completing? Is it a bit of a battle in the evenings?

Does your child say they don’t know how to revise?

If so, please encourage them to attend The Revision Room every Monday and Wednesday 3:10 – 4:45pm, starting on Wednesday 11th October in the Library. Snack and drink provided.

Supervised by staff who will ensure they complete an hour and a half of good quality revision, and give advice on appropriate revision techniques such as creating a revision timetable or revision flashcards, and using past papers and mark schemes effectively.

Students can also complete their daily 15 minutes of Tassomai during this session if they wish.

Year 11 Tassomai

Dear Parent/Carer,

In order to ensure that all our Year 11 students are as prepared as possible for their exams in the summer, we have enrolled all current year 11 students on an online Science revision programme called Tassomai, which many of our Year 11 (and some Year 10) students subscribed to last year with extremely positive results.

Year 11 students will receive a letter in their science lessons about Tassomai subscriptions. This letter can also be found here.

For further information please click here.