Scholars – Monthly Mensa Puzzle Competition – January

Enter this month’s competition for a chance to win a set of Mensa branded Absolutely Authentic Mensa test cards. A must for anyone who enjoys testing their logical thought process to the limit! For a chance of winning, submit your answer to the following question. We will pick two correct entries after the closing date.

For each of the following place the two words together and arrange the letters to give one word.

  • a) MAIL + TROY   b) CRUST + TIN   c) POOR + TERM

What are the words? To enter please click here

Closing date for all entries is: 31st January 2016.  Please apply directly through the link above.

Scholars – All Years Weekly Brainteaser 11/01/2016

Assume you are using a basic calculator and press the numbers in the order shown, replacing each question mark with a mathematical sign.

Plus, minus, multiply and divide can each be used once only.

In which order should they be used to score 24?

2    ?     8    ?     6    ?     9    ?    3   =    24

Answers to Mrs Wardle in A215a by Monday 18th January by 9am.

All Scholars – weekly Brainteaser answers 17/12/2015

A knight is positioned on the centre square of this chessboard.

Move the knight to each square once only, collecting letters to spell out five types of dwelling.

Each dwelling is five letters long.

What are they?

scholars 1

Well done to Finlay in 9AH and Thomas in 8AH who both got the correct answer to our weekly Brainteaser.  They will be receiving a Praise Postcard and Hall points for their efforts.

Answers were:

  • House
  • Lodge
  • Villa
  • Igloo
  • Manor

Year 9 Choices Evening – Thursday 21st January 2016

On Thursday 21st January 2016, we have our Year 9 Choices Evening. Through the Choices Evening on Thursday 21st January 2016, we hope that you will be able to enhance the information that you already have, to enable you and your child to make well informed decisions relating to Key Stage 4 option choices for Year 10 and 11, choices that will form the basis of further study/training at Key Stage 5.

The evening has two major components: a brief presentation in the hall where our choices process is outlined and a subject ‘market place’ in the sports hall where you can ask the subject experts: our teachers and heads of faculty, any questions about their subject area. The timings of these will be:-






Arley Hall

Dunham Hall

Moreton Hall

Main School Hall

Presentation from Senior Leadership Team


Arley Hall

Dunham Hall

Moreton Hall

Sports Hall

Subject ‘Market Place’


Tatton Hall

Walton Hall

Main School Hall

Presentation from Senior Leadership Team


Tatton Hall

Walton Hall

Sports Hall

Subject ‘Market Place’

If at any point in the evening, you would like to speak to a senior member of staff, they will be on hand to assist you.

Lymm High School Mug Competition

mug-1-300x279Recently, a competition was held by the Art Department, for Key Stage 3 students to design a Lymm High School Mug. The winning design has now been selected and used to create our Lymm High School mugs, which are now available in the school shop. The mugs cost £5 each and all profits go to the PTA sponsored projects.

Congratulations to Erin O’Connor in Year 9 on her winning design!

Girls Boxing Club

We have a Girls Boxing Club beginning next week on Thursday 14th January. The club will take place in the small gym every Thursday for 10 weeks from 3:15-4:15pm. The club will be ran by two Level 2 Qualified Boxing Coaches, Darren Harrison and Jonathon Scott. The first Session on Thursday 14th January will be a free taster session with the remaining sessions costing £2 each.

Weekly Bulletin: 5th January 2016

Dear Parents and Carers,

Happy New Year! I do hope you’ve had an enjoyable festive period and I wish you all the very best for a happy and successful 2016.

We are certainly looking forward to building on the positive steps made last term. I spoke to all staff yesterday and reiterated that the key challenge for this year is to raise our expectations of what we expect of all students. We feel as if we are making significant progress in some key areas, such as the setting of more homework, the marking of books and the reduction of low-level disruption in lessons, but we know that there is still plenty of work to be done. Thank you for your continued support.

It is with great pleasure that we offer our congratulations to Len Davies – governor, trustee & recently retired teacher at Lymm High School – who has been awarded the British Empire Medal in the New Year’s Honours List for his services to Rugby Union at levels including school, county, regional and national level. We are all absolutely delighted to see Len’s dedication, hard work and commitment to the school and to Rugby Union recognised by the award of an honour. Through his own sporting career, his service as a teacher and his love of sport, he has been a great role model both for colleagues and for pupils. We are really pleased that while he is enjoying a well-deserved retirement he continues to be involved in the school as a community governor.

On Thursday 7th January, we have our Year 9 Parents Evening, between 5.00pm-8.00pm. The evening will be an opportunity to gather detailed feedback regarding how your child is currently progressing. This will support them in making informed decisions during the choices process for Key Stage 4. There will also be an Information and Guidance Evening on Thursday 21st January. More information about the IAG Evening will be available soon.

Along with all schools in Cheshire, Lymm High School is part of a new Cheshire Police initiative called Operation Encompass. This scheme is designed to ensure that children and young people are better supported following their exposure to domestic incidents outside of school. Please see the link here or contact Mrs R Ball (Designated Safeguarding Lead) if you would like any further information.

Finally, the next PTA meeting will take place on Monday 11th January at 7pm in the Music Room, Leisure Centre. All parents are welcome to attend.