Alumni Newsletter – Autumn/Winter 2018

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The Robots are Coming!

On Wednesday of this week, Year 9 braved the snowy conditions to visit the University of Manchester to hear a lecture presented by Professor Danielle George a BBC Science presenter and Vice Dean at Manchester University.


Her talk was entitled “The Robots are Coming” and she explained how robots can now carry out everyday tasks with ease. She demonstrated how a robot could solve a Rubik’s Cube (in a fraction of the time of a human) and she set up a full robotic orchestra with the help of two of our students who volunteered and half a dozen others from the audience!


We would like to thanks the Rotary Club for organising and hosting the lecture and our own Rotary Club of Lymm for their sponsoring of the tickets and transport for the event. The pupils were a credit to our school, very much appreciated the opportunity given to them and had a very enjoyable afternoon!

Adverse Weather

As you may be aware, there is the possibility of snow and ice this week and we want to remind parents and carers of our procedures should school ever need to close.

In the event of any closure, details will be provided via:

  • Text messages (to the usual priority contact number we have on file)
  • School website
  • Our Twitter feed
  • The school Facebook page

We will not set specific work for students, but we do expect all students with exams this year (including Year 10, who are sitting GCSE English Literature) to spend the time revising. In line with our usual expectations, we would also encourage all students to spend time reading anything that takes their interest.

It is important to stress that we fully expect school to remain open this week and the measures above are just a precaution in case the weather does turn out to be worse than expected.

We understand that school closures can cause significant problems for families and we will always do all we can to remain open – even if that is just remaining open for supervision of students for whom parents cannot arrange appropriate childcare at short notice. However, I am sure you will appreciate that health and safety always has to be the main concern.

Given that roads might be icy, we would also like to suggest that students come to school in footwear with good grip – if needs be, carrying their school shoes in their bag and putting them on when they arrive.

Kind regards

Gwyn Williams


These Bridges by Phoebe Eclair-Powell

When the Thames bursts its banks and submerges London, the north and the south of the city become separated.

Myths abound about ‘the other side’. Is it really better? Four sets of teenagers ignore the risks of the treacherous crossing to find out whether the other side is all it’s cracked up to be.

These Bridges looks at a fearful future and seeks to show that if we stick together, we may just survive it all.

Part of National Theatre Connections, Lymm High school students return to the stage following their production of The Snow Dragons last year.


Above & Beyond

Is there a member of staff who you or your child has been especially impressed by, for whatever reason? If so, please let us know!

A word of praise or thanks is always hugely appreciated and, when this comes from parents, it is especially powerful in helping to keep colleagues going through the more challenging days.

Over the next couple of weeks, we are making a particular effort to thank those staff who regularly go ‘above and beyond’ and would be really grateful if as many of you as possible could just drop a short email to letting us know who you would like to single out, and why.

We really don’t need a long email – just one or two sentences is more than enough to put a smile on the relevant faces.

Thank you in anticipation of your support.

Mr Williams



Year 9 Choices

Year 9 students are about to embark on the very important process of selecting their GCSE subject options. To support them with these decisions, we will be running daily assemblies and an information evening for both students and parents/carers to attend.

Key dates:
15th-19th January 2018 from 8.25am-8.45am – Daily assemblies from Subject Leaders and Heads of Faculty for students.

25th January 2018 from 6pm-8pm – Choices Evening for students and parents/carers. Further information to be released.

1st February 2018 – Choices forms due from students.

If you require any further advice or information throughout this process, please do not hesitate to contact Mrs Feast (Head of Year 9) or Mrs McGahey (Assistant Headteacher)