Year 11 Scholars and Sixth Form Gateway Students – Healthcare Summer Camps

Year 11 Scholars and Sixth Form Gateway Students – Please see below a fantastic opportunity for medical summer camps that you may wish to investigate further.

Premed Projects have a range of Summer healthcare camps this summer for all students interested in careers in medicine, nursing, midwifery & dentistry.

Each camp is 2-weeks long and students will get to shadow doctors, learn about UCAS applications, interviews, tour med schools and fully prepare themselves for careers in healthcare.

Visit for more information and dates for this summer.

Weekly Brainteaser 29/02/2016

A helicopter covers its outward journey at 252 mph.

It returns, over exactly the same distance, at 189 mph.

What is the helicopter’s average speed over the entire journey?

Answers on paper, with full name and form to Mrs Wardle by Monday 7th March, break time. Please feel free to place your answer under my door, or email if you are unable to find me.

All Scholars – Weekly Brainteaser Answers 22/02/16

In a supermarket, the first 25 customers of the day purchased an average of two items each.

After a further 15 customers, the average number of items purchased by each customer rose to eight.

What was the average number of items purchased by the last 15 customers only?

Answer:  18

Well done to Holly (7AH), Will (7DH), Sophie (7DH), Lucy (7DH), jasmine (7MH), Thomas (8AH) and Finlay (9AH) who all entered with the correct answer and have been awarded 10 Hall Points and a Praise Postcard.

All Scholars – Cambridge Material for Academic Enrichment by Subject Area

Cambridge University have brought to our attention that they have developed a website which hosts subject resources written by Cambridge academics, designed for self-study.  There are over 50 subjects available and is an important resources for anyone thinking of applying to research intensive universities and looking to read outside the curriculum.  We strongly advise our KS4 scholars and Gateway students, or any student who may be interested to take a look at this worthwhile web page.  This can be accessed on