Year 10 R.S Sessions

Year 10X will be off timetable on Tuesday 8th November period 1 and 2, and Year 10Y will be off on Monday 14th November period 1 and 2, to follow a special case study relating to their personal and social education. During this session, students will be looking at issues including human rights, respect and dignity. The sessions will be led by Humanities staff as part of our responsibility to run religious, moral and ethical education.

Homework Expectations

See link below for a copy of a letter that was sent home on 15th September, via Show My Homework. It contains information regarding expectations and frequency of homework for your son or daughter as they enter a new year.  Please support the staff in maintaining these high expectations by taking a few minutes to read the letter.

Tassomai Science Programme

We have just received the codes for Year 11 subscriptions to Tassomai for all students who paid last term. These are currently being printed and will be distributed to relevant students by Form Tutors on Tuesday morning. If your child does not receive theirs, please ask them to go to Student Services and let them know.

Regarding the Year 10 codes, we were in contact with the company all last week and again today; they are trying to iron out some teething problems with the new specifications but are aiming to get codes to us for our Year 10 students this week. We will keep you posted via Parent Communication with further information and can only apologise for the delay.

GCSE and A Level Exam Results Collection Details

Please note: Due to building work taking place in the school, all exam results will be available for collection in the lower hex – the route will be signposted. There will be no access into the main school building.

Enrolment into Sixth Form will take place in the upper hex on both days.

Thursday 18th August 2016 – GCE Results Day

  • Year 13 GCE results will be available to collect from 7.00am in the Lower Hex.
  • Year 12 GCE results will be available to collect from 9.00am in the Lower Hex.
  • PCs and members of staff will be on hand in S202 to help regarding clearing and queries.

Thursday 25th August 2016 – GCSE Results Day

  • GCSE results will be available for collection from 9.00am in the Lower Hex.
  • Members of staff will be available for help regarding queries.
  • Sixth Form enrolment will be conducted as soon as students receive their results, and this will be completed in the Upper Hexagon.

See below the remark and return of script deadlines.

The following dates apply to A Level results only.

  • Priority remark – 22/08/16
  • Priority remark with photocopy of paper – 22/08/16
  • Priority photocopy of paper – 23/08/16

The dates given below apply to both GCSE and A Level results.

  • Original paper – 30/09/16
  • Clerical check – 14/09/16
  • Clerical check with photocopy of paper – 14/09/16
  • Remark – 14/09/16
  • Remark with photocopy of paper – 14/09/16