Sports Leaders

The Sports Leaders UK Award in Sports Leadership is a course which is not concerned with sporting ability but instead will help you to develop many different leadership skills, such as being able to organise others and to communicate with groups and individuals in a sports setting. Students may have the opportunity to complete this qualification in KS4 PE lessons or through an extra-curricular Sports Leaders club. They will be required to commit to a number of sessions at lunchtimes and afterschool.

The students will complete a variety of units, the units are:

  • Unit 1- Plan, lead and review a sport/activity
  • Unit 2- Developing leadership skills
  • Unit 3- Lead activities that promote a healthy lifestyle
  • Unit 4- Fair play in sport
  • Unit 5- The role of the official
  • Unit 6- Opportunities in sport and recreation

Once students have completed the Units some of them will have the opportunity to implement some of the skills that they have learnt in the local community, for example: Local primary schools and special schools, nurseries and local sports clubs.