What is the Afritwin Challenge?

Our project is about linking three vastly different communities, through which we each learn and become more aware of the strengths and needs of our communities, and then use these differences to help each other develop. The project focuses equally on personal development by promoting the growth of skills, an eagerness to learn and an awareness of the world around us. It is also important to us to train young people in the skills needed to become active citizens and address these issues.

Who is involved in the partnership?

The partnership is made up of:

  • Ourselves at Lymm High School, Warrington
  • Qhasana, a developing rural High School in Mdantsane Township in the Eastern Cape, South Africa
  • Midstream College in Pretoria South Africa
  • Partner Primary schools in all three locations

The project does not just involve these schools, but also the communities in which they are based. The project is open to all people of all ages. We have worked with Rotary International to provide a library for Qhasana High School and with Cotebrook House to provide links with a disabled centre in the township, as well as other local Warrington charities including Warrington Open Door at Christmas and the Children’s Adventure Farm Trust.

Past and Future Actions

The “Challenge 06” team built the first links between our communities and they worked towards providing Qhasana High School with sports kit, computers and badly needed learning materials.

“Challenge 08” continued this work, and created a stronger bond when students and staff from both Qhasana and the Glen visited us and formed links with local primary schools too. They also worked with the local Rotary to create a new community li-brary at Qhasana High School.

The “Challenge 10” group concentrated their attention on providing Qhasana with classroom resources, including English-Xhosa dictionaries, musical instruments and sports equipment, to help improve matriculation pass rates, which have increased from 22% to 67% since 2009!

During “Challenge 12” we increased the quality of five classrooms, which had bare fea-tureless walls, as well as providing subject specific teaching materials. We continued this classroom renovation work as part of “Challenge 14”. This year we have also paid for a local carpenter to repair the many broken desks and chairs and topped up the supplies of dictionaries and other teaching materials in their school. We have also sponsored a former Qhasana High school student by paying her university fees. Next year we hope to be able to welcome two

Qhasana students who we hope to visit us in Lymm as a reward for their commitment to their studies.

There are also some continuing aspects of the Afritwin Project that happen annually including sponsored scholarships for the hardest working pupils at Qhasana, and fundraising events, such as the Quiz and the Auction of Promises.

How You Can Help

We are always looking for support in the community, you can help us by:

  • Making a donation to fund our project.
  • Getting involved in our events.
  •  Take part in sponsored activities.
  • Lend us any time or skill you may have.

To find out more please contact: