Scholars Programme

Lymm High School has a long-standing tradition of supporting high achieving students throughout their time here. As part of our on-going commitment to the academically most able, we have developed an exciting supercurricular programme for a select number of students in each year group, who are invited to join the programme.

We already have a strong track record of students leaving for top universities, including Russell Group universities and Oxbridge, as well as highly competitive courses in subjects such as medicine and law. One of the key aims of the Scholars Programme is to increase the number of students who have the opportunity to pursue these kinds of routes.

For that to happen, we recognise that we need to invest in our academically gifted students from the very start of their journey with us, to enable them to develop the aspiration, skills and knowledge required to be successful at this level.

It is inevitable that some people will find a programme such as this contentious – typically those who are not fortunate enough to qualify. However, having begun to consider offering such a programme, it feels wrong not to do so; our most able students need and deserve the support to realise their full potential every bit as other groups of students.

We feel very privileged to be able to work with so many gifted young people and want to make absolutely sure that they feel as lucky to be at Lymm High School.

What is the Scholars Programme?

The Scholars Programme is essentially a programme aimed at the top 10% of each year group, to enable them to access mentors, support, extended opportunities, challenge and inspiration.

It has not been designed to replace our broad and balanced curriculum which is already based soundly on stretch and challenge and differentiation for all abilities; rather the aim is to add further enrichment through opportunities outside of the classroom.

What is the purpose of the Scholars Programme?

The purpose of the Scholars Programme is to nurture potential in our academically gifted students. We want to encourage our chosen scholars to develop and embrace their gifts in the company of teachers and students who share their passion and ambition.

We also seek to fully prepare these students for pathways towards the most challenging and rewarding courses at the top universities, including Russell Group and Oxbridge universities.

Through the Scholars Programme we aim to:

  • Nurture students with exceptional academic gifts;
  • Add further breadth and enrichment to our curriculum;
  • Add further depth and complexity to our curriculum;
  • Accelerate the pace of learning for our gifted students within, and across, key stages;
  • Foster extremely high expectations for our gifted students;
  • Promote independence in thinking and learning;
  • Ensure that students are confident and fully prepared for university applications and interviews towards the end of their time with us.

What will be the characteristics of students on the Scholars Programme?

Selection for the programme will be based entirely on academic ability and potential. In addition to this, we expect our scholars to:

  • Enjoy learning;
  • Be intensely curious about the world around them and, in particular, about those subjects where their strengths lie;
  • Have the ability to process new information with great speed, whilst having the thirst to continually develop their knowledge and understanding;
  • Readily grasp underlying principles and make intelligent connections within and between different topics;
  • Engage in deep questioning and thought-provoking discussion;
  • Relate well to their peers and adults and work well in groups;
  • Work with increasing levels of independence.

What does the Scholars Programme entail?

The Scholars Programme is constantly evolving, as we respond to opportunities that are made available through our external connections. Below is a sample of some of the things that have been made available this year.

  • Lectures and short courses on topics not covered in the mainstream curriculum, including involvement from outside experts E.g. Year 7 visits to Manchester University on Roman Life and Medieval Life and Year 11 Shooting Stars Residential to Tynny
  • Trips to sites of scientific, historical and cultural interest. E.g Museum of Anthropology and Archaeology at Cambridge University
  • A chance to read and reflect upon a wide range of classic novels from Literature. E.g Year 7-9 Book Clubs on Dracula, Animal Farm and The Princess Bride
  • Mentoring from older, gifted students.
  • Exposure to new languages E.g. Latin (available from September)
  • The chance to tackle complex mathematical and scientific problems and issues. E.g Footballers wages and taxes and Business Enterprise Project
  • Links to Universities. E.g. PIXL Student Conference on Getting into the Top Universities, Cambridge Residential, visits by Dr Peter Claus, Pembroke College, Oxford University and Dr Kirsten Dickers, Sidney Sussex College, Cambridge University
  • Extended Super curriculum E.g. All Scholars have a membership to IGGY and Potential Plus UK 

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