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The Examination Office at Lymm High School can help you with general queries about centrally managed exams.

If you have an exam-related question, you can contact a member of our exam team via email, by filling in the required fields below.

Summer 2019 Collection

Year 11 students who left Lymm High School in Summer 2019, can now collect their GCSE Certificates.

Exam Information for Candidates

Click the links below to see the following Information for 2019 Examination Candidates: Warning to Candidates Privacy Notice Written Exams Onscreen Tests Non-examination Assessments 2018/19 Coursework Mobile Phones Social Media

Exam Day Nutrition

Find out how healthy nutrition can help with your upcoming examinations by clicking here.

Qualifications at LHS

Click here to view the qualifications offered at Lymm High School for 2019-20.