KS3 Exams Overview

Key Stage 3

As well as the formal assessments taking place during the year each subject will also assess students through regular, department-wide summative assessments (roughly one substantial assessment every 24 lessons or so – in exam conditions) These will take place in years 7, 8 an d 9.

Students will take tests in English and Maths after Christmas in the first three weeks in January. These will be taken in formal exam conditions and will assess students on what they have learnt so far at Lymm. Results will be reported as a percentage with comparison to the average and top ten percentile score also given to parents.

End of the year exams will take place in the fortnight starting the 29th April 2019. Students will take tests in English, maths and science in the hall and in all other subjects in class. Results will be reported as a percentage for English Baccalaureate subjects: English, maths, science, history, geography and French. They will also be reported as a percentage for R.S. Comparison to the average is also given, as is the top ten percentage mark for these subjects. Students’ marks in their other non –English Baccalaureate subjects are used to inform their progress review data levels.


Topic areas to be revised for maths are those given on the maths subject pages on the website.  Maths staff will be sending home revision checklists via Show My Homework. You can help prepare your child for the tests in maths by encouraging them to practise further questions related to the topics studied on My Maths and Bite size.


For details of the assessments in English please follow this link to the English subject pages.