Year 10 DofE – June 2022

Please thank your child for completing the DofE form with their groups and equipment. Your child has been emailed with their group letter and start time. Gold students need to arrive at 9am on Sunday 26th June, Y10 Bronze need to arrive at 8:30am on Monday 27th June. Year 10 Silver are split into three start times: if your child is in groups A-F their arrival time is 9:15am, for groups G-K their arrival time is 9:30am, and for groups L-P their arrival time is 9:45am. We ask you to try and not drop off before these times because students may not be supervised – these are arrival times not start times. If you are bringing students with different start times e.g. within Silver or you have one child on Silver and another on Gold, please arrive at the earlier of the two times – unfortunately there were too many permutations of car sharing and Silver-Gold siblings to be able to put all those students in the same arrival time slot.