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First Aid

If your son/daughter feels unwell during the school day, there is a medical room based in Student Services. This facility is for emergency first aid only. If your child becomes unwell or injured in school then first aid is their first point of call. We respectfully request that a child does not contact home as this contact will be made by the first aid attendant after initial assessment.

We do not have a qualified doctor or nurse on site so we cannot diagnose any illnesses or medical problems that a student may have. If your child is unwell then please contact your local GP in the first instance.

We can administer First Aid, but we do not have nor can we give out any medication to students unless it has been prescribed by their GP and the student has been instructed to take it during the school day. Parents must then fill out the appropriate school medical forms available from the First Aider or can be downloaded here. All medication must be in the original labelled packaging with the pupils name on it and full prescription details as dispensed by the pharmacist. No loose medication will be accepted. All medication is then stored in locked cupboards in the medical room.

For further information please direct your enquiries to our First Aider via the school’s telephone number 01925 755458 on extension 123 or email the school’s first aider

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