Volleyball Championships

A huge congratulations to students Wiktor Kawecki, Nathan Worsley and Mark McLean who have been selected to represent the North West at the highly prestigious Inter-Regional volleyball championships. The championships will take place at the National Volleyball Centre, Kettering from tomorrow until Monday 28th May. We wish them the best of luck!

Head of Sixth Form

It is with great pleasure that we inform you that Mrs Jennings has now returned from maternity leave to the role of Head of Sixth Form. Please click here to read an important letter regarding her return which also includes information about the upcoming mock examinations.

Water Warning

There are many sites in Cheshire where on a hot day children are entering into the water surrounding Lymm, for example The Bridgewater Canal, The Bollin River, Lymm Dam and the river bed at Warburton. Cheshire Police have asked us to speak to parents/carers about the danger of going into open water after dealing with incidents of children in the locality.

With the warm weather and the whit and summer holidays children and young people may be tempted to take a dip in open water to cool down. Please can you speak with your children to get the message across that rather than being a bit of fun, swimming in reservoirs, quarries, dams, lakes, canals, meres, weirs and similar bodies of open water is very dangerous and every year young lives are lost in tragic drowning incidents.

For awareness it has been reported that some children have become unwell and have had an allergic reaction to being in the local River Bollin suffering a rash and blisters and have had to seek medical attention.

Please see below from Cheshire Police highlighting the dangers around water safety for children and young people.


Beautiful but deadly: why reservoirs are best enjoyed from the banks.

We have 180 reservoirs across the North West, many in beautiful locations. We’d love you to visit your local site, but please, stay out of the water. Reservoirs may look inviting, especially on a hot day, but they are about the worst possible places to take a swim.

The freezing cold water can numb your limbs, while hidden currents and machinery can drag you under, even the strongest swimmers can quickly get into difficulty.