Safeguarding Mental Health

Mental Health

Lymm High School strives to educate young people about their mental health and emotional wellbeing, removing the stigma relating to mental illness, referring students to services that support students both in school and in the community. Lymm High School works with other schools, the NHS, local authorities, voluntary and community services, promoting and signposting local services.

Our Emotional Wellbeing Support Guide has been created to help provide mental health support for our students and families. Please click here to access this helpful resource.


Lymm High School has a CAMHS professional linked to our school who offers ongoing support and guidance for vulnerable/high risk students, staff supervision, alongside staff training. At any time, school or parents can contact the CART (CAMHS Assessment and Response Team) for advice and guidance 01925 579405.



Click here for CAMHS contact information and phone numbers.

Click here for details of a mental health drop-in centre in Warrington.

Click here for top tips on talking mental health young people in secondary school health with young people in secondary school.