Hall System

The Hall system fosters a great sense of belonging and identity amongst the school community.

  • Hall assemblies, comprising all Hall members from Years 7-13, are held throughout the school year.
  • Every Hall arranges fundraising events for their designated charity.
  • Meetings are held during the year, which include Form Captain representation offering insights to Student voice.
  • Faculties organise a range of Inter-Hall competitions, culminating in Sports Day during the Summer term when the overall winning Hall for the year is announced.

Every Student and member of staff belongs to one of five Cheshire Halls.

Every Hall is led by one of the Heads of Year.

Two Captains per Form are elected at the start of each academic year.

Arley Hall

House Mascots-17-half

Arley Hall is situated in the village of Arley, Cheshire, about 4 miles south of Lymm. It is home to the owner, Viscount Ashcroft and his family. The house is a Grade II* listed building, as is its adjacent chapel. Formal gardens to the southwest of the hall are also listed at Grade II* on the National Register of Parks and Gardens. In the grounds are more listed buildings.

The hall was built for Rowland Egerton-Warburton between 1832 and 1845, to replace an earlier house on the site. By the mid-20th century parts of the house were in poor condition and were demolished, to be replaced by five private homes in a matching architectural style.

The present gardens were created in the 1830s, and were developed during the 20th century. The house and its gardens have been open to the public since the 1960s, and have also been used as a film location. Stockley Farm, part of the Arley estate, is an additional visitor attraction for children and families.

The Head of Arley Hall is Miss Beck. She is a very proud Hall Leader and has a competitive streak, constantly encouraging her students and urging them on. Arley students can be identified by the bright red stripe in their tie and the Hall is a supporter of the Meningitis Trust Charity.

Arley is the current holder of the Inter-Hall Trophy. The photo shows Miss Beck (left) and the Year 8 Pastoral Support Manager, Miss Carrington.

Arley Mascot

Arley is represented by Aragon the Dragon.

Arley has met with considerable success in the various Hall competitions.

Arley Fundraising

Last Year Arley raised


for the Meningitis Trust

Hall Triumphs

Current holder of the Inter-Hall Trophy.

Winner of the Year 7 Leadership & Participation Inter-Hall Trophy.

Dunham Hall

House Mascots-16-half

Dunham Hall sits within Dunham Massey Park. It is a Georgian Mansion built in 1616. The grounds of the Hall extend to 193 acres and is home to the famous Dunham Deer. The Hall has been owned by the National Trust since 1976 which looks after the 45 listed buildings on the land. The Hall was used as a military hospital during the war.

The Head of Dunham Hall is Mr Barnett. Dunham Hall students can be identified by the light blue stripe in their tie. The Hall actively raises money for the Help For Heroes Charity. The student body of Dunham is led by the Dunham Captains.

Dunham Mascot

All of Dunham’s work is supported by their mascot:

‘Dirk’ the Dunham Deer.

Dunham Fundraising

Last Year Dunham raised


for the Help for Heros

Hall Triumphs

Dunham currently hold no trophies

Moreton Hall

House Mascots-18-half

Little Moreton Hall is situated near Congleton. It was built in the Tudor period for William Moreton and his family, who were wealthy landowners. The earliest part of the house was built around 1504, finished in 1610. It now belongs to the National Trust and is a Grade 1 listed building. It is supposedly haunted by a ghost called The Grey Lady.

In school, the Head of Moreton Hall is Miss Rowley. This year she will be supported by her Form Captains.

The charity supported by Moreton is the Christie charity, which provides enhanced services over and above what the NHS funds.

Moreton Mascot

Moreton Bear is the mascot for Moreton Hall.

Moreton Fundraising

Last Year Moreton raised


Moreton do make exceedingly good cakes.

Hall Triumphs

2021-2022: Moreton raised the most money and won the Inter-Hall Fundraising Shield.

Tatton Hall

House Mascots-19-half

Tatton Hall, a Georgian mansion and Grade 1 listed building, was built in 1807-1816 for Samuel Egerton. During World War II, Tatton Park served as a training ground for the Allied RAF Parachute regiment. The last member of the Egerton family to live at Tatton was Maurice Egerton. When he died in 1958, he bequeathed the estate to the National Trust.

Mrs Wagstaff heads up Tatton Hall and has a long connection with it. She is an enthusiastic supporter of Tatton and is very proud of it’s charity work, which has supported the local Children’s respite centre, Claire House, for a number of years. The student body of Tatton is led by their Form Captains.

Tatton Mascot

The Tatton Tiger is the faithful companion and mascot.

Tatton Fundraising

Last Year Tatton raised


for Claire House

Hall Triumphs

Tatton currently hold no trophies

Walton Hall

House Mascots-20-half

Walton Hall was built between 1836 and 1838 for Sir Gilbert Greenall, MP. The hall is owned by the Greenall family, famous for their brewery in Warrington. The Hall is a Grade II listed building and is on the National Heritage list for England. The Hall has magnificent formal gardens along with popular modern attractions such as a ‘Pitch and Putt’ course, a children’s zoo, crazy golf, and a bowling green. The BBC drama ‘Our Zoo’ was filmed in the grounds.

Miss Crowder is the Head of Walton. Walton Hall have been enthusiastic supporters of the local charity St Rocco’s.

Walton Hall are the current holders of the Inter-Hall Fundraising Shield.

Walton Hall are the current holders of the Inter-Hall Fundraising Shield.

Walton Mascot

Wolfie is the Walton Mascot

Walton Fundraising

Last Year Walton raised


St Rocco’s

Hall Triumphs

Current holder of the Inter-Hall Fundraising Shield.

Leadership & Participation Inter-Hall Trophy for Year 8.

Leadership & Participation Inter-Hall Trophy for Year 9.

Leadership & Participation Inter-Hall Trophy for Year 10.