Development Fund

Development Fund LogoWhat is the Development Fund?

The Lymm High School Development Fund will be used to support and improve the facilities at the school so that students continue to receive a first class academic education alongside the wide range of high quality extra-curricular experiences that we are so well known for.

The fund relies upon the generosity and commitment of current and former students, parents, staff, governors, and other friends of Lymm High School.

Why do we need the Development Fund?

Our main source of funding comes from the government and, as with nearly all state schools, we have seen a very significant decline in our income in real terms over the past few years. All the signs are that this is set to continue and we are being proactive in ensuring that we continue to improve the overall quality of education for our young people.

We are very fortunate to be blessed with fabulous grounds and facilities at Lymm High School; very few schools of any type can, for example, boast of sports fields as beautiful or as extensive as ours and even fewer are lucky enough to own a facility like Ty’n-Y-Felin. At the same time, it costs a great deal to maintain these facilities to the standard that students and parents are entitled to expect and the challenge involved in doing so is increasing.

There is a central government fund to which we can apply (and do so annually) for money for large capital projects, but applications are by no means guaranteed success and tend to favour projects relating to basic provision, such as replacement of boilers or roofs. This scheme will not be able to meet our needs in the coming years, which is why we need the Development Fund.

What will the money be spent on?

The Development Office will work with the Governing Body, staff, the PTA and the students’ School Council in order to identify suitable projects.

We recently built a brand new 3G pitch, which is already proving to be a fantastic addition to our provision for students, as well as for the whole community. This project would never have been realised without donations to the Development Fund.

Going forward, we have lots of things we would like to fund. In the medium-term, our dream is to build a new Performing Arts Centre which, similar to the 3G pitch, would be used by the wider community as well as for the benefit of LHS students. We have some incredibly talented performers in school, supported by skilled and passionate staff but, unfortunately, our facilities at the moment are not fit for purpose. Longer-term, we would love to build a new canteen (the one we have at the moment is just too small for the size of our school). In the meantime, we have lots of smaller-scale capital projects that we would like to be able to fund including, for example, improved IT facilities, the latest science equipment and more seating for students to use at social times.

Can I specify what my donation is spent on?

Typically, it is most useful and most efficient for the school have the flexibility to use the money wherever the need is greatest. However, sometimes donors specify a particular project or resource that they would like their gift to be used for and we are always happy to accommodate such requests.

Are there other ways of helping the school, aside from financial contributions?

Absolutely! We are always delighted to receive offers to support the education of our young people in whatever guise. For example, parents may have contacts with local businesses or individuals who can provide work experience placements, mock interviews or extra-curricular activities. Sometimes, local businesses are able to make contributions ‘in kind’ by providing their services at no or little cost, which can be extremely helpful. If you are able to help support the school in any way at all, please do contact us.

Joining the PTA is also a very effective way of helping the school. This does not necessarily mean a huge time commitment on your part – you can simply come and help out at school events when you can and coming to meetings affords you the opportunity to share your skills and ideas as well as meeting other parents and teachers.

How can I donate?

Click here to read the details of the different ways in which gifts can be made.