Business and Enterprise Christmas market

This half term KS3 business and enterprise students have been researching and gathering ideas for products that they can sell at their Christmas Market. The initial task was to produce a business plan; this had to be handed to Mrs Worrall or Mrs Peacock where it could be checked and discussed with the group. If the business plan was agreed the pupils were given a budget of £10. They had to research and source their materials within this budget and if they needed to borrow more they had present to the staff why they needed an additional loan. To reduce the risk of making a loss students had to produce a financial forecast that outlined their total cash outflow and predicted cash inflow; to do this they had to complete some market research with their peers.

Students have spent a lot of their own time gathering their materials and have worked hard to put their products together. They have also designed and created their marketing posters which have been shown on the school bulletin.

B210 has been a hive of activity every Monday lunchtime and Mrs Worrall and Mrs Peacock are incredibly proud of the hard work and resilience that the pupils have shown over the last term.

The students made around £400 profit!