KS4 Languages – Year 11


Term 1  Term 2  Term 3 
All languages: 

Travel and Tourism 


Life at school and future studies 



All languages: 

Career choices and ambitions 

Preparation for speaking exams 


All languages: 

Preparation for writing exams 

Revision & preparation for reading and listening exams 



  • Reading comprehension 
  • Written expression 
  • Vocabulary learning 
  • Cultural research 
  • Preparation for internal assessments / recorded speaking assessments 

Other Useful Information 

At Key Stages 3 & 4, www.linguascope.com is an excellent resource for revision and reinforcement of core vocabulary. Students will be provided with the log-on details and can access from home. All students in Year 10 and 11 can also access the online resource “Kerboodle”. This is an excellent resource which provides access to a digital copy of the course book, as well as vocabulary lists and homework tasks.  At the start of the year, each pupil will be given an individual username and this will enable them to access the Kerboodle resources whenever they have access to the internet. 

5 ways I can help my child

1 Take full advantage of the Linguascope website and resources to revise and practise vocabulary in a fun way (Your child has been given the log-in details).


Listen to the French, German or Spanish music artists that are suggested on Youtube or Spotify to improve comprehension and develop cultural awareness.


Encourage your child to watch French, German or Spanish films or series online (for example on Netflix) – there are lots to choose from and most have subtitles so the whole family can watch.
4 Log on and access the vast array of resources on the BBC Bitesize website. Encourage your child to complete one or two exercises each week – these include vocabulary games, authentic listening tasks and reading texts which are all aimed at GCSE level.


Promote pre-learning by encouraging your child to log-in to the excellent Kerboodle resource that the MFL department has paid for and reading forward to the next topic.