KS5 Religious Studies

The RS A Level course covers three units of the Edexcel specification. These units will be:

Paper 1: Philosophy of Religion                  (Paper code: 9RS0/01)

Paper 2: Religion and Ethics                        (Paper code: 9RS0/02)

Paper 4: Study of Religion (Christianity)    (Paper code: 9RS0/4B)

The assessment comprises of 3x 2hour exams at the end of Y13 which all carry an equal percentage of the qualification and are 80 marks. There will be three sections of questions that range from extended response to essay questions.

Details of this specification can be found here https://qualifications.pearson.com/en/qualifications/edexcel-a-levels/religious-studies-2016.html

Religious Studies A-level is taught by two specialist and experienced teachers. Students are supported in a range of ways including having all resources available on Teams such as knowledge organisers, past papers, model answers, all power points etc. Intervention is offered regularly and students are offered invaluable enrichment opportunities such as the chance to attend an RS conference.

Please find more information in the program of study CLICK HERE

5 ways I can help my child


Talk to your child about what they have been studying in school. Share your thoughts on concepts that your child has discussed at school.


Debate topical issues, demonstrating a balanced argument.


Watch the news and read news articles with your child asking them questions that check they have understood the report and ask them to give their opinions.
4 Encourage them to read around the subject.


Talk to them about their progress and attainment.