Remote Access and BYOD

The school provides a variety of methods for accessing resources and working remotely from your own devices.  Please see the instructions below and for further help, see a member of ICT Services in B208.

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Remote desktop is provided for staff (students no longer have access) to logon to a full school desktop with shared drives, home drives and all the standard applications that are available within school. It is not necessary to use Remote Desktop if you only wish to access the intranet or email. These can be accessed directly using the links on the right.

Additionally, Remote Desktop is an asset not a requirement for home work etc. Should it be unavailable, materials can be transferred to and from home using Office 365 OneDrive.

Windows PC/Laptop

  1. Download the RDP shortcut to your home desktop (remove any old icons):
  2. Double click the shortcut
  3. Log in as ‘lymmadmin\username’


  1. Download the Microsoft RD Client app
  2. Click the link below to automatically configure the connection
  3. If the link does not configure the app, you may need to manually input the details below:
    1. The PC name is: srvrdsha
    2. The Gateway server is:
    3. For both, enter your email address ( and password to login as normal


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To access the school network from your own devices (Bring Your Own Device) you need to connect to the WIFI.

The network name is LymmBYOD and login details are your normal network username and password.

[toggle title=”BYOD Printing”]

The schools uses PaperCut to manage printing and when on the LymmBYOD network, allows staff and students to print to the large copiers around school.  Instructions vary from devices to device so please choose the appropriate link below:

iPhone or iPad






[toggle title=”Office 365 (Teams etc)”]

All staff and students have access to Office 365 and the various tools provided such as Office, OneDrive, Teams, SharePoint, Outlook email etc.

To access 365 login to using your school email address and password.

As part of your licence, from the same portal you may also download a version of Office to your own devices.  Or, using mobile and tablet devices, download and sign in the the various Office 365 applications.