Pastoral & Study Support

It is a very important part of our philosophy that students are treated as individuals at Lymm High Sixth Form and one of the great advantages of being a school sixth form is that we can do this very effectively. If you were a Lymm High School pupil for main school, then there are already people in school who know you very well. If you come to us as an external candidate, then we will get to know you very quickly.

There are two, equally important, sides to this personalised support. The first is support to make sure that you are happy and safe. The second is to make sure that you are pushed to reach your potential. Neither of these things can be fully achieved without adults in school who care about you and your future. With this in mind, we invest in a very strong team of staff to support Mrs Jennings (Head of Sixth Form) and Miss Dixon and Mr Mullin (assistant heads of sixth form) each take responsibility for a year group to oversee the pastoral care.

All students are assigned a form tutor, who helps support the transition to sixth form study and who will lead the compulsory sessions each day. Tutors lead our tutorial and Life programme sessions and, through individual mentoring sessions, support students with university, apprenticeship and employment applications. The initial focus in year 12 is to help settle students and support them with managing the workload and expectations of life as a sixth former, with later sessions providing more and more of the crucial advice and guidance needed for you to make good decisions about their futures. In year 13 students are tutored in subject specific form groups, allowing additional support for UCAS applications and support for their final exams.

Alongside tutors, we are also privileged to have two student support advisors who offer fabulous support for a whole range of things. Mrs Littler and Mr Brown are always on hand to support, whether that be helping with organising yourself to get back on track because you’ve fallen a bit behind with work or providing a sympathetic ear because of problems at home or with friends, or helping you make crucial decisions about your future.

Mrs Littler and Mr Brown work alongside Miss Lewis and Mrs Hughes who between them provide additional support with UCAS applications, administration and monitoring of attendance.

We also have two on site counsellors available to support students who may need additional support with their mental wellbeing. Students can refer themselves if they feel they need a little extra support.

We expect our sixth form students to work hard and staff will challenge you if you are at risk of not reaching your potential; this is one of the key reasons why our exam results have been so strong in recent years. Your performance is closely monitored and interventions put in place where necessary to support you. Alongside taught subject lessons, all students will also have a number of compulsory supervised study sessions on their timetable. These sessions provide the much-needed silent study space to ensure you are able to meet the demands of your courses, and allow those students finding it difficult to organise their time and workload the adequate support to do so.