The Gateway Programme

The Gateway Programme was established in 2014 to inspire and support our most able students in securing places at the best universities in the country.

We recognise that achieving excellent grades is only one aspect of securing a university place and the aim of the Gateway Programme is to support our students in developing the specialised interview and thinking skills required to excel in the pressurised atmosphere of an interview for Oxbridge or medical school.

Students are selected based on their strong interest in studying at Oxbridge or a medical related course and their successful GCSE profile based on a minimum of 5 A* grades. Those on the programme are offered a personalised package of support involving university visits and the chance to hear from people who are currently undertaking post and undergraduate qualifications.

Students are signposted towards, and encouraged to take part in, super-curricular activities and we regularly run mock interviews and subject specific tutorials to develop students’ thinking skills.

We continue to be proud of the increasing numbers of our students who have secured places on such competitive courses.

For further information on the Gateway Programme, click here to read our brochure.



C Price | Medicine | University of Liverpool (deferred to 2024 start)

L James | Medicine | Keele University

B Bower | Mathematics | University of Cambridge

A Proctor | Modern and Medieval Languages | University of Cambridge


J Palombella | English | Cambridge

O Longton | Engineering | Cambridge

E Goma Moukala | Medicine | University of Manchester

J Lee | Dental Surgery | University of Sheffield


O Walsh | Spanish | Oxford

E Haskins | Medicine| Manchester


Imogen Walshe | History & Politics | Oxford

Jade Carlin | Biochemistry | Oxford (deferred to 2021 start)

Lewis Hindle | Medicine | UCL

Ella Hoskinson | Medicine | Nottingham

Jordan Jones | Medicine | Birmingham

Marcus Mackay | Medicine | Nottingham

Jada Moses | Medicine | Leeds


Amy Sprott | Medicine | Birmingham

Mathilde Tavernier | Medicine | Sheffield

Sian John | Dentistry | Glasgow

Brooke Shay | Dentistry | Sheffield 


Rebecca King | Medicine | Manchester

Ellen Thomas | Medicine | Leeds

Hannah Leighton-Jones | Geography | Oxford

Alex Lee | Dentistry | Manchester


Vicky Ramsbottom | Medicine | Manchester

Alix Tavernier | Medicine | Manchester

Megan Thomas | Medicine | East Anglia

Grace Rooney | Law | Cambridge


Isabel Troth | French and Spanish | Oxford


Celia Dick | Medicine | Keele

Emma Catlow | Chemical Engineering (via Natural Sciences) | Cambridge

Matthew Pyman | Natural Sciences | Cambridge


Olivia Clouser |  Medicine | Liverpool.

Sean Davenport | Medicine | Sheffield

Tom Glover | Medicine| Nottingham

Rosie Johnstone | Vet | Liverpool

Adam Jones | Vet | Bristol

Tom McCahery | Medicine | Manchester

Conn Talbot | Medicine | Edinburgh

Jasmine Virk | Medicine | Birmingham