Work Experience

All students in year 12 take part in at least one week’s work experience. Many students also decide to take on volunteering positions throughout their studies.

We are pleased to confirm initial details of Year 12 Work Experience this year. All students will have the opportunity to participate in this valuable part of their education from Monday 22 June to Friday 26 June 2020.

Please click here for a letter from Head of Sixth Form, Mrs Jennings, with further information.

LHS Sixth Form Work Experience Presentation

LHS Sixth Form Work Experience - Medical Consent Form

LHS Sixth Form Work Experience - Placement Form

Alder Hey Children’s Hospital

You can never quite understand the care of patients until you see it for yourself, and I was lucky enough to have had the chance to oversee a diverse range of care and psychological practice. Even patients who have the same diagnosis are extremely different in their personality, and this experience showed me the importance of adaptability in every situation you encounter in the real world.

Kyra Baird

South Warrington News

I learnt how to work to deadlines, not to stress over manageable things, how to value information and what is needed for a snappy story, and most importantly, how to be a Journalist.

Amber Marshall

Manchester United Foundation

Working with the Manchester United Foundation was an incredible experience, which I thoroughly enjoyed. While visiting schools in Manchester with the aim to increase participation not just in football but sports as a whole, I learnt how to communicate effectively and improved my leadership skills massively; which will undoubtedly help me in the future. 

Ellie Fletcher

Mercedes AMG High Performance Powertrains

After enjoying my weeks work experience at Mercedes AMG HPP, it has opened my eyes to other opportunities and careers and has given me a greater understanding of the engineering world.

Tom Harle

Co-operative Bank

My placement gave me a valuable insight into office work as part of a large company, and allowed me to see aspects of a bank that I didn’t know existed.

I have been able to decide the type of job that I may be interested in doing in the future, as well as identify which fields I definitely don’t want to go into.

Grace Rooney

Daily Star

Through work experience at The Daily Star Sunday I have learnt how to write a main feature article and about the publishing process, through having one of my own articles published in the paper, this will help me to develop my skills to become a journalist. 

Dominique Billigham