Santa Dash 2018

Don’t forget, next Friday 7th December, is our sponsored Santa Dash!

Thank you to everyone who has sponsored our students so far. Excitement for this year’s Santa Dash is building, with form groups competing to raise the most funds and reach their £500 targets.

Sponsorship forms and money needs to be handed into school on, or before, Friday 7th December. On the Santa Dash day, your child will receive a Santa hat to wear for this year’s sponsored dash.

Students can come into school in non-uniform and are encouraged to wear their most Christmassy items of clothing. Due to the Santa Dash taking part in the school grounds, please ensure your child wraps up warm and brings an old pair of trainers or boots to change into. They will complete it come rain, shine or snow!!!

There will be Christmas market style food and refreshments on offer at our Winter Wonderland following the sponsored dash, along with stalls including tombola’s, glitter make-up, and a chance to throw snowballs at staff who have been unlucky enough to end up in the school stocks! It is therefore advisable that students bring a small amount of money into school should they wish to purchase anything.

Please share this information with family and friends and sponsor if you can. Having a 3G pitch will make a huge different to all of our students and would be a huge asset for the community, it would be fantastic if we could raise all the money before the end of the academic year.

Thank you in advance for your generous sponsorship. We hope that we will live up to the achievement of last year and promise to keep you updated on our progress.


The Sunday Times Schools Guide

The Sunday Times has recently published its latest Schools Guide, listing the highest achieving schools in the UK, and we have again been ranked amongst the top ten highest performing comprehensive schools in the whole of the North West, and the top 30 even when selective grammar schools are included. The Sunday Times focus on numbers of students getting A*-B grades at A’ level and grades 9-7 (the old A*-A) grades at GCSE.

Mr Williams said:
“These are not official league tables and the methodology in many respects is somewhat dubious so we take them with a pinch of salt. Nevertheless, they do provide further evidence of what a strong position we are now in as a school.”

GCSE London History Trip

Fifty-one Year 10 GCSE History students have just returned from a trip to London to support their GCSE course, exploring the Tower of London, the Imperial War Museum and Westminster Abbey.

“Why are the people who are commemorated in Westminster Abbey all men?” said one student after a tour of a building that pre-dates 1066. This thought-provoking question and the subsequent discussion that arose about how and who to remember from History, highlights why it is important for students to get outside the classroom and explore History in the world around us.

Students even had the opportunity to walk in the footsteps of one of the most notorious serial killers of the 19th century whilst on a Jack the Ripper walking tour of Whitechapel. The students were immersed in a world of extreme poverty, crime and the lives of the London working poor. They also learnt the origins of the phrase: ‘daylight robbery’ after being taught about the plight of poor Londoners forced to brick up their windows rather than pay an unfair window tax.

The students were allowed access around the cloisters of Westminster Abbey and into the resting place of one of our fiercest monarchs and her family – Elizabeth I. They learnt about Elizabeth’s relationship with her courtiers and how the Queen asserted her authority upon her subjects through a religious settlement that was designed to end a period of religious unrest and discontent.

At the Tower of London, students saw first-hand some of the forms of punishment and torture used on those imprisoned for the most serious of offences, from murder and heresy to treason. “Would that not hurt?” asked one student as they examined the ‘the rack’, a medieval torture method designed to stretch out the victims and extract their darkest secrets.

With thanks to Mr Hayes, Miss Millington, Mr Gifford and Miss Walton for their support and time during the trip.

The pupils had a fantastic time and were very grateful – they even found time to get some personalised chocolates to commemorate their trip.

Miss Yates
Teacher of History