School Games

The Schools Games is the Governments Strategy for School Sport and has been designed to build on the magic of 2012 Olympic and Paralympic Games, providing a unique opportunity to enable every pupil at Lymm High School to participate in and be inspired by competitive sport.

There are four distinct levels of competition with Level 1 being competition inside of school, for example our interhall programme, Level 2- Competition against other schools in the local area, Level 3 County competitive opportunities and Level 4 which is National Competitive opportunities. At Lymm HS we ensure that all students have the opportunity for competition in a variety of sports and activities either at Intra competition at Level 1 or County Competition at Level 3.

As part of the School Games we also have a successful Leadership Academy across Warrington. The Leadership Academy helps students to develop their leadership skills in areas of interest to them. For example, students can be trained up in Coaching and sport specific NGB Awards, Refereeing and Umpiring Awards, Sports Leaders UK Awards, Team Manager Training and Young Ambassador roles. Students are then mentored and given the opportunity to put their new skills into practice by volunteering at competitions, primary school clubs and other events across Warrington.