Hall System

Every Student and member of staff belongs to one of five Cheshire Halls

Every Hall is led by one of the Heads of Year.

Two Hall Captains and two Deputy Hall Captains are elected at the start of each academic year.


The Hall system fosters a great sense of belonging and identity amongst the school community. Hall assemblies, comprising all Hall members from Years 7-13 are held fortnightly. Every Hall holds fundraising events regularly throughout the year for their chosen charity. Hall Council meetings are held half termly which include Form Captain representatives from each form in their Hall. Each Faculty organises inter-Hall competitions during the year, culminating in the final Sports Day competition at the end of the school year when the overall winning Hall for the year is announced.

Arley Hall

Arley Hall

Arley Hall students, staff, Governors and Parents are all proud to represent the Hall that is named after the stately home that is situated to the South of High Legh.

Arley Hall is one of the most interesting and attractive stately homes in the North West. The elaborate ceilings and oak panelling, impressive fireplaces, intricate stained glass and beautiful contents are features which make Arley Hall so special. Visitors are enthralled by entering a piece of living history. It gives an intimate insight into life in the Hall and the History of a family that has cherished Arley as their home for over 550 years.

The present Hall stands on the same site as the first house built by the family in 1469. The Hall standing was built between 1832 and 1845 by Rowland Egerton-Warburton to the design of George Latham, a Nantwich architect. It is situated at the very heart of the Estate.

In school, the members of Arley are identified by the bright red stripe in their tie or by the bright red badge holder for staff.

The origional Head of Arley Hall was Christine Johnson. Today, the Head of Arley Hall is Mrs Worrall.

The student body of Arley is led by the Hall captain, Amber Marshall, a year 13 student studying German, Media and English Language to A Level.

Mrs Charlotte Worrall - Director of Learning

Hall Form Captains

Arley Hall Ctn

The Arley Mascot

Arley has  been represented through the years by two mascots. Initially Aragon the Dragon spearheaded the Arley challenge. Recently their Orang-utan has symbolised Arley’s efforts although there is currently a growing move to revert back to the dragon.

Regardless of the mascot, Arley has met with considerable success in the various Hall competitions.

Arley Mascot

Sporting Triumphs

Winners of the overall Winter Inter-Hall Competition.

Arley won the Year 10 competition, came 2nd in Year 7 and 3rd in Years 8 and 9.

The Arley Year 7s won the book quiz and came 3rd in the Spelling Bee whilst the Year 9 Masterchef participants came 2nd and 3rd

The final Inter-Hall competition of the year saw Arley come 2nd on Sports Day but the overall performance of the Arley Students over the range of competitions  during the year ensured that the came first in the 2015-16 Inter-Hall competition much to the delight of Mrs Worrall

Arley Fundraising

Men trust

Last Year Arley raised £412.76 for the Meningitis Trust

Dunham Hall


Dunham Hall sits within Dunham Massey Park. It is a Georgian Mansion built in 1616. The ground of the Hall extend to 193 acres and is home to the famous Dunham Deer.

The Hall has been owned by the National Trust since 1976 which looks after the 45 listed buildings on the land. The Hall was used as a military hospital during World War 1

The Head of Dunham Hall is Mr Heaton. The Student body of Dunham is led by the Dunham Captains. They are Clare Evans and Joe Murray from Year 13.  Clare is studying Psychology, Biology and English Literature whilst Joe is studying Psychology, Physics and Maths. Joe and Clare work with a team of 28 Form Captains.

Mr Darryl Heaton - Director of Learning and Teacher of Maths

Hall Form Captains

Dunham Hall Ctn

The Dunham Mascot

All of Dunham’s work is supported by their mascot. Famed for his elegance and natty dress sense, ‘Dirk’ the Dunham Dear can often be found supporting the Hall or attending assemblies. He is looking forward to working with Clare and Joe this year and will be a valuable asset to the Head of Dunham Hall…..Mr Heaton

Dunham Mascot

Sporting Triumphs

Dunham’s record in 2015-16

Cross Country 2nd in Year 7, winners in Year 8 and 3rd in Year 9. Dunham were Cross Country Champions

Sadly came 5th overall in the Winter Inter-Hall

Year 8 won their Swimming Gala

Dunham won the English Spelling Bee

Mixed performances on Sports Day saw them win at Year 8 but overall in Sports Day came 5th

In the Overall Inter-Hall Competition, Dunham finished  4th

Dunham Fundraising


Traditionally Dunham support the Help for Heroes Charity. Last year the Hall raised £479.25 through cake sales and a Bring and Buy.

Moreton Hall


Little Moreton Hall is situated near Congleton. It was built in the Tudor period for William Moreton and his family, who were wealthy landowners. The earliest part of the house was built around 1504, finished in 1610. It now belongs to the National Trust (since 1938) and is a Grade 1 listed building. It supposedly has a ghost called The Grey Lady.

The Head of Moreton Hall is Mr Thompson. He took over from Moreton’s original Head, Mr Thomas in 2015. This year he will be supported by a strong student body led by Katie Potter, the Moreton Hall Captain. Working with Katie will be her team of Form Captains.

Mr M Thompson

Hall Form Captains

Moreton CPN

The Moreton Mascot

Moreton Bear relaxes whilst on holiday whilst below he is rallying the troops to raise money for The Christie

Moreton Bear 2
Moreton Mascot

Sporting Triumphs

Cross-Country Moreton’s best result was 3rd by their Year 7 runners

Good results in the Winter Inter-Hall Year 8 were 1st, Years 7, 9 and 10 were 3rd.

Moreton finished 3rd overall in the Winter Inter-Hall

Year 7 and 8 both finished 3rd in their Swimming Gala

Year 7 came 3rd in the book quiz

Year 7 won Masterchef and Year 9 were 1st and 2nd

Sports Day – Year 7 won their Year Group, Year 10 came 3rd.

Moreton came 3rd on Sports Day

Moreton came 3rd in the Overall Inter-Hall competition

Moreton Fundraising

Moreton Cake

Moreton do make exceedingly good cakes. This cake made by Rebekah Price helped Moreton to raise £790.46 for The Christie

Tatton Hall


Tatton Hall, a Georgian mansion and Grade I listed building was built 1807-1816 for Samuel Egerton. In the late 19th century, Wilbraham Egerton hosted parties in the hall, including the Prince & Princess of Wales in 1887. During WWII, Tatton Park served as a training ground for the allied RAF parachute regiment. The last member of the Egerton family to live at Tatton was Maurice Egerton. When he died in 1958, he bequeathed the estate to the National Trust

Mr Scott is the Head of Tatton. He is the longest standing Head of Hall and is very passionate about his Hall.

Tatton’s student body is led by their two Hall Captains. Fraser Goldthorpe is in Year 13 and is studying Economics, Business Studies and Geography.

Marc Harrison is also in Year 13 and is studying History, Geography and Business Studies

TT Antony Scott W

Hall Form Captains

Tatton cpt

The Tatton Mascot

The Tatton Tiger is the faithful companion and mascot.

Tatton Mascot

Sporting Triumphs

Cross Country Year 7 won, Year 9 came 2nd so Tatton came =2nd overall

Winter Inter Hall Year 7 won but Tatton finished 4th overall

Year 7 won their swimming Gala

On Sports Day Tatton’s Year 10 finished 2nd, their Year 9s came 3rd

Overall Tatton finished 4th on Sports Day

Sadly they finished 5th in the overall Inter-Hall competition

Tatton Fundraising

Claire House

Last Year Tatton Raised £432.76 for Claire House

Walton Hall

Walton Hall

Walton Hall was built 1836 – 1838 for Sir Gilbert Greenall, MP. Owned by the Greenall family, famous brewers of Warrington, Walton Hall is a Grade II listed building, on the National Heritage List for England. It boasts Formal gardens, pitch-and-putt, children’s zoo, crazy golf, bowls and the BBC Drama ‘Our Zoo’ was filmed on the grounds.

Mr Spencer is the Head of Walton Hall.

Walton’s Hall Captain is Joe Dowdeswell. Joe is in Year 13 and is studying Chemistry, Economics and Maths. Joe is also the First XV Rugby Captain.


Hall Form Captains

Walton Cptn

The Walton Mascot

Wolfie is the Walton Mascot

Walton mascot

Sporting Triumphs

Cross Country – Year 8s performed the best finishing 3rd

Winter Sports Year 9 won their Year group, Year 8s were 2nd and Walton finished 2nd overall

Year 7 came 2nd in their swimming gala

Spelling Bee Walton finished 2nd

Year 7 came 3rd in Masterchef

Sports Day – Year 7 and 8, came 3rd, Year 9 equal first and Year10 first

Walton came 2nd on Sports Day

Walton won the overall Inter-Hall Competition Trophy

Walton Fundraising

st Roccos

Walton Hall raised £415.25 for their Charity  St Rocco’s