KS5 Media Studies


The WJEC Media Studies specification is designed to allow media students to draw on their existing experience of the media and to develop their abilities to respond critically to the media.  It enables students to explore a wide variety of media, including digital media technologies, drawing on the fundamental concepts informing the study of the media: texts, industry and audiences.  The specification also encourages creative work to enable students to gain a greater appreciation of the media through their own production work and to develop their own production skills.  At A2 in particular, students are given the opportunity to research a topic, which will then form the basis for their production, thus encouraging them to create productions informed by an awareness of contemporary media issues.

Year 12

Term 1

Term 2

Term 3



Technical codes

Symbolic codes

Language and mode of address


Market research (CA)

Industry research (CA)

Textual research (CA)

Qualitative research (CA)

Textual investigation (CA)


Audience responses

Audience theory

Planning (CA)

Production (CA)

Exam preparation

Preparation for A2

Evaluative report (CA)

Year 13

Term 1

Term 2

Term 3

Industry and audience

Regulation and control

Research investigation (CA)

Planning (CA)


Marketing and promotion

Digital technologies

Demographics and psychographics

Production (CA)

Evaluative Report (CA)

Audience theory

Exam Preparation


Homework is set in a range of forms, so as to encourage a range of learning styles and assess different skills. Homework can be essay/exam based, practical and creative, as well as requiring students to consume a particular media text.

Other Useful Information

Exam board website: www.wjec.co.uk

Qualifications: There are clear links between the GCSE and AS and A Level study of the Media and Film, as well as English Literature, English Language, Art and Design, Photography, Sociology, and Psychology.

Possible careers: Journalism, TV production, radio, web design, photography, marketing, publishing, politics, teaching, advertising, computer game designing, new media production and many more.

Lunch time support sessions are currently taking place on Mondays and Fridays.

After school sessions to challenge the most able take place on Wednesdays.

For subject updates and resources, visit the LHS Media website: http://lhsmedia.wix.com/mediastudies

NB – These session are subject to change.


Internal assessments take place at least once per half term. They consist of essay based exam questions and practical production assessment.

A Level Assessment

  • MS1 (AS) Media Representations and Responses –  Examination  50% of AS / 25% of A2
  • MS2 (AS) Media Production Processes – Controlled Assessment 50% of AS / 25% of A2
  • MS3 (A2) Media Investigation and Production – Controlled Assessment 25% of A2
  • MS4 (A2) Media: Text, Industry and Audience – Examination 25% of A2


5 ways I can help my son/daughter


Encourage you son/daughter to consume a range of media texts. In particular, ones which they may not necessarily enjoy or be the target audience for.


Share your responses to media texts, and discuss how the responses of those in your household are similar and/or different.


Encourage creativity. We use Adobe Photoshop a lot, so access to this programme will help greatly.


For A Level students, we recommend you purchase the ‘WJEC AS Media studies Study and Revision Guide’ or the ‘WJEC A2 Media Studies Study Guide’. Both published by Illuminate Publishing.


For GCSE students we recommend you purchase ‘WJEC GCSE Media Studies: Study & Revision Guide’ by Illuminate Publishing.