GCSE Results 2021

What a lovely morning it has been! The sun is shining and we have been surrounded by students jumping for joy – those same young people who have faced so many challenges this year and who have had to put up with so much. It has been absolutely wonderful to see them being able to cast some of the shackles aside and bathe in success today.

There have been smiles all over the faces of staff too, who have taken the opportunity to celebrate with students. They too have had some very challenging moments during the year but it is days like today that make everything worthwhile.

Talking about headline results makes little sense in the context of this year, but suffice to say that Lymm High students have done exceptionally well again. Results across the board are really strong and there have been some incredible individual performances.

Right at the top of the tree are Rachel Beattie, Steph Burnett and Alisha Bushnell, all three of whom received a full ten grade 9s. What can we say other than tip our hats to such incredible performances?!

Elinor Doherty, Christopher Dutton and Anva Grieve all gained an amazing nine grade 9s. Oscar Bodey-Hey, Ben Bower, Arianna Good, Louise James, Lauren Slater and Olivia Wood picked up seven top grades, closely followed by Scarlett Bancroft, Sally Dodd, Tom Fowler, Anna Mc Donald and Amelie Proctor who all got six grade 9s. Lauren Brayshaw, Kathryn Broadhurst, Adam Case, Patrycja Kaplon, Joe McGrath, Eloise Newhouse and Lottie Price all also did exceptionally well to earn five grade 9s and Mai Beetham, Adam Coady, Max Connell, Clare Davis, Will Day, Lydia Keeley, Zuza Konca, Hannah Laing and Olivia Molden all secured four top grades.

So many other students have done brilliantly too and there are many individual stories of those who have had to overcome all the odds to achieve what they have done today: you all know who you are, and we are so very proud of you.

These results are the product of a strong partnership between students, parents, carers and school – a partnership that has never been needed more than over the last 18 months or so. Ultimately though, the bulk of the credit goes to the young people themselves. They have consistently displayed such good humour, resilience and determination throughout the pandemic, and to perform as well has they have done in all the various assessments despite everything is remarkable.

The great majority will be returning to us for the sixth form and we look forward to seeing them all again soon. To everyone else: well done again and all the very best with your next steps.

Gwyn Williams

12th August 2021