Covid testing at home

As you are aware the second of the in-school Covid tests have taken place this week. The students have been fantastic, which has helped the testing process to run extremely well and quickly. As a reminder, we contact parent/carers of any student testing positive immediately, you will not receive notification if the result is negative.

In line with the government’s approach to reopening schools, the responsibility for testing once again moves to the students and you as parents for completing the tests at home. The government guidance is for tests to be completed twice per week with 3–5 days between tests. We would like students to test on Sunday evening and Wednesday evening each week if possible, until further notice.

On Thursday and Friday this week all students will receive home testing packs during form time. Whilst testing is not compulsory we would appreciate it if as many students as possible complete the tests. If your child is not taking the test due to being positive in the last 90 days or for other reasons, then simply do not complete the test, we do not need to be specifically contacted.

The students have become proficient in swabbing themselves, with the aid of a mirror, but they may not have completed the actual testing. There are instructions in the pack, but this video link demonstrates the process in full. Once you have completed the test and waited for 30 minutes for the result to confirm, you should log the result on the government website:

The data are not shared with school, so we have been asked by the government to also hold our own testing data, to allow us to order further batches of testing kits. Each time you complete a test we would be grateful if you could complete this very quick form: Reporting results

If your child tests positive then, in line with the guidance on home testing, you should book for them to take a PCR test asap to confirm the result. Please contact us via telephone and email to as soon as the home test comes back positive and again once you have received the result from the PCR test.

For any other queries related to testing, or if you have issues reporting a result using the Microsoft form, please email (Please note that this is a different email address from the one used for contact in relation to the recent in-school testing.)

Founders’ Day Sponsored Walk

We are so pleased that the events we have planned can still go ahead but we have made some changes due to the forecasted very warm weather.

We have revised the route of our walk and made it much shorter with most of it being in the shade through Spud Wood.  Please can you ensure that your child brings plenty of water with them, sun cream and a hat.  Insect repellent is also advisable.  It is a non-uniform day so please can you ensure that your child wears appropriate clothing for the warm weather and sensible footwear as some of the paths through Spud Wood are not even underfoot.  There will be first aiders on hand should your child need these. We will have an alternative course on site for students to complete rather than doing the main course if they need to, or if they have any other reason that will prevent them from completing the main course.

The carnival will also run during the afternoon and we look forward to having fun and raising lots of money for our charities as part of our Hall stalls.  Again, we have made some adjustments to this to account for the warm weather.  All year group areas have plenty of shade and we will also have the option of students sitting inside with a member of staff if they feel like they are struggling with the heat.

Finally, just a reminder that we are asking sponsorship and non-uniform day money to be paid via Parent Pay rather than in cash please. You can make your donations by selecting pay for items and then 2021 CA Founder’s Day Sponsorship Money. Please can you ensure that sponsorship money is paid no later than 21st July.