Thursday 12th August – GCSE Results Day

Students can collect their results from the Sports Hall from 8:30am, entering through the Leisure Centre main entrance. We will allow students only on site, so if you are accompanying your son/daughter to school, we kindly request you stay in your vehicles. Parking will be available on both the Sixth Form car park and the Leisure Centre car park.

Further information can be found here.

For students wanting to join us from other schools, please collect your GCSE results from your current school and then bring these to enrol with us. Enrolment will happen in the library at the front of school, there will be signs to direct you. We will only be processing enrolment for external students from 11-12pm. If you are away on results day, please email to confirm your subject choices. You will also be required to send through receipt of your results.

Results day support for parents and carers

The National Careers Service is delivering a series of webinars for parents and carers whose children are receiving results this August to give advice on options and tips for helping their child prepare for results day.

Choose one of the dates below and click the ‘book your place’ link to sign up.

Friday 30th July, 12pm – book your place
Tuesday 3rd August, 4pm – book your place
Wednesday 4th August, 12pm – book your place

Tuesday 10th August – A’ Level Results Day

Students can collect their results from the Upper Hexagon (entering school via the Languages yard only) from 8:30am. Only students will be allowed on site, so if you are accompanying your son/daughter to school, we kindly request you stay in your vehicles, parking on either the Sixth Form car park or the Leisure Centre car park.

We will have a ‘Clearing centre’ in S101 where staff will be on hand to support any UCAS queries. Our careers advisor will also be based here. If students are not going to collect their results in person, they must email to arrange for them to be sent via email.

Before results day, we highly recommend you read the relevant guidance from UCAS. Students can already search vacancies in Clearing and we have advised all students to do so, so that they have a back-up plan should results not go as expected. Clearing vacancies can be found here along with some helpful guidance about how this process works.

Further information can be found here.

Founders’ Day Sponsored Walk

We are so pleased that the events we have planned can still go ahead but we have made some changes due to the forecasted very warm weather.

We have revised the route of our walk and made it much shorter with most of it being in the shade through Spud Wood.  Please can you ensure that your child brings plenty of water with them, sun cream and a hat.  Insect repellent is also advisable.  It is a non-uniform day so please can you ensure that your child wears appropriate clothing for the warm weather and sensible footwear as some of the paths through Spud Wood are not even underfoot.  There will be first aiders on hand should your child need these. We will have an alternative course on site for students to complete rather than doing the main course if they need to, or if they have any other reason that will prevent them from completing the main course.

The carnival will also run during the afternoon and we look forward to having fun and raising lots of money for our charities as part of our Hall stalls.  Again, we have made some adjustments to this to account for the warm weather.  All year group areas have plenty of shade and we will also have the option of students sitting inside with a member of staff if they feel like they are struggling with the heat.

Finally, just a reminder that we are asking sponsorship and non-uniform day money to be paid via Parent Pay rather than in cash please. You can make your donations by selecting pay for items and then 2021 CA Founder’s Day Sponsorship Money. Please can you ensure that sponsorship money is paid no later than 21st July.

Sports Day

This year’s Sports Day will spread over both Monday and Tuesday next week. The forecast for the start of the week is very hot. Please ensure your child has sun cream, a hat and plenty of water. There will be areas of shade around the running track that we will encourage students to use.

Monday 19th July:

  • Year 7 to come to school in their PE kit.
  • Students must still bring their materials for their lessons for the day.

Tuesday 20th July:

  • Years 7–10 to come to school in their PE kit
  • Students must still bring their materials for their lessons for the day.

Uniform expectations

Dear Parent/Carers

It’s that time of year again for me to send a timely reminder about uniform expectations and high standards of uniform and appearance for September 2021. As always, I ask that before purchasing any new items of uniform, please check the guidance on the school website, or seek advice from the school shop. Following the guidance avoids any difficult conversations in September resulting from the purchase of uniform that is not acceptable or appropriate. As a guide, I suggest if you are not sure then do not buy it, and certainly try to avoid being pressured by your child into buying items of uniform that are not accepted; this is particularly important when choosing an appropriate pair of school shoes.

The main uniform discussion points each year are:

  • School Shoes – All students must wear a conventional shoe which is polishable. Trainer-style shoes or footwear with logos are not appropriate school uniform and not permitted.
  • School Skirts – Inevitably students grow so please check the length of girls’ skirts before returning. The school skirt should sit just above the knee.

The intention of the uniform policy is to promote pride and responsibility in our students in preparation for adult life and to ensure equal opportunity without extremes of fashion. We take great pride in our uniform and appearance and our high standards and expectations require all pupils to wear their full uniform correctly at all times. Having a clear policy and sticking to it also drastically reduces the amount of time wasted with constant debates about what the policy should be or what exceptions students want us to make. Having the support of parents, as always, goes a long way to reducing the number of conversations we have to have about uniform and appearance and supports the smooth running of the school. I therefore ask for your support in ensuring all students are in the correct school uniform from September. This includes:

  • Shoes – no trainers/trainer-style footwear/no logos
  • Coats should be dark in colour
  • No hoodies
  • No jewellery
  • No piercings
  • Discreet natural make-up: no false nails, no false eyelashes, clear nail varnish only, eyebrows should be natural
  • Hair should be neat and conventional with no extreme styles. No haircuts shorter than a grade 2. Hair colour should be natural.

This year we have trialled a uniform recycling scheme and have had many items of good quality uniform handed in for re-use. If you would like to enquire about these and find out what is available, please email Miss Beck ( All items are available free of charge.

Kind regards
Mr Thompson

Lymm High is World Class!

The school was invited to apply for the World Class Schools Quality Mark (WCSQM) and is one of just 12 secondary schools to have been successful in receiving the prestigious accreditation this year.

WCSQM is a UK charity that works to accredit the best non-selective state schools across the UK with the World Class quality mark accreditation. Specifically, it is concerned with developing the skills, competencies and characteristics that young people need to thrive in an ever-changing global economy. According to the charity, the starting point for applications is that schools “have a track record, data and evidence, internal and external, that indicates at their next Ofsted inspection they would be deemed ‘outstanding’ by Ofsted”.

Mr Williams said: “This is a significant achievement and we are all very proud of what it says about our school community. Particular thanks go to the students who did such a fantastic job of leading this bid.”

The students involved in the project included Ciara Bennett, Evie France, Beau Harry, Thomas Lea, Emma Parkinson and Jack Powell.

Being a WCSQM school will open up some great opportunities for both staff and students over the next few years. Having the accreditation gives the school access to the WCSQM framework that will help all students to develop and demonstrate world class skills and characteristics across areas including learning, leadership, community and the workplace.

“The values of the organisation very much align with our own in terms of working to make sure that students leave us not just with excellent academic qualifications but also as well-rounded, socially responsible young people equipped with the knowledge and skills required to thrive in the modern world”, said Mr Williams.