The Masked Performer

This week our students have been trying to guess which member of staff is behind the mask. A video of each of the contestants singing, dancing or acting is being shown during Form times.

Forms will guess who each of the masked performers are and will then vote for their favourite. There will be a prize for the student or Form who guesses the most correctly.

The deadline for voting is Sunday night and the performers are going to be unmasked next week and the winner announced!

ONS Schools Infection Survey

Towards the end of last year, many of our Year 8 and 9 students took part in the ONS Schools Infection Survey. This national survey involves the students being tested once every half term for the presence of Covid-19 antibodies that might suggest they have had the virus previously.

Lymm High signed up to this study so we can better understand the rates and patterns of infection in the school. We also feel that it is our duty to help scientists track the virus properly, which would not be possible if no schools signed up. The second round of testing is due to take place this month on 29th, 30th and 31st March.

If any Year 8 and 9 students would like to sign up for this testing programme and haven’t previously registered, details on how to enlist can be found here. Students will need to be registered by 23rd March in order to take part.

Please note that this testing study is in addition to the lateral flow testing that all students now need to complete at home twice a week.

Further information for parents can be found here. For all other queries, please contact