KS4 Psychology

Year 10

  • Memory
  • Development
  • Research Methods
  • Perception

Year 11

  • Social Influence
  • Brain and Neuropsychology
  • Psychological problems
  • Language and Thought

Homework: Homework is designed to consolidate and enhance what students have learnt during the lessons.  They will take the form of written homework, research tasks, note taking and revision for tests.

Useful Information

  • Students will be given access to an online textbook to support them through their course.
  • Extra revision sessions will be put on nearer the examination period.

5 ways I can help my child

1 Discuss what they have been studying in Psychology. Ask them to explain key studies and theories to you as this will enhance their understanding.


Encourage them to use their knowledge organiser to consolidate what they have learnt, or as a prompt for pre-reading before studying a topic. This can also be a useful starting point for revision purposes.


Read through their booklets and encourage them to read the relevant pages in their text book and annotate lesson notes with additional information.
4 Embed challenge – encourage them to read/ listen to the news and find articles linked to topics they are studying.


Encourage them to be independent learners who read around their subject, looking at websites such as https://www.psychboost.com/ watching the videos linked to each topic