Can you help us?

We are always looking for new opportunities to engage with employers, please contact lhughes@lymmhigh.org.uk, should you wish to.

We are always looking to build links with employers to help enrich our careers programme. We can promise you a committed staff body and lovely students to work with! See below for some feedback from employers who came into school recently to run a mock interview day for Year 10 students:

“I just wanted to say congratulations for organising the mock interview event today. Getting 300+ students seen by 40 ’employers’ in one morning was no mean feat! From our perspective it all ran really smoothly and I had some really positive feedback from other parents both during and after the event.

The students I saw conducted themselves very well and there were some absolute stellar performances from a few. I know one parent wanted to offer a job there and then to one of their candidates!

I hope they all found it a valuable experience and that you can repeat it in future years.”


“It was a great morning, well done on the organising!

All students were great, and especially impressed with those already finding work experiences such as coaching sports, child minding, tutoring and washing up!  Makes such a difference when they have something like this to talk about, plus shows their determination to succeed.”


­­­­­­”Thanks for accommodating me this morning! Honestly, I was blown away by the pupils I met. Each had great eye contact, were enthusiastic and I thought got loads from the experience. One student in particular was very strong. I’d give her a job without question! She’d looked at my website, thought about how she could help me and gave me some ideas. Absolutely brilliant!”


“Thank you for giving me the opportunity to attend and meet some of your fabulous students. The event was very well organised and instructions given to us throughout the whole process were clear.”


“All the students who I interviewed were very well prepared. All of them engaged and were able to answer questions. In answering some of the more generic questions they were able to demonstrate enthusiasm / passion for the role they were being interviewed for and when asked about why they were applying for the role, to varying extents they mentioned some of their skills, attributes or past/ current work experience relevant for the role.”


“Thanks so much for the opportunity to take part in the interviews. It was so enjoyable and the students were incredible. A really talented bunch in lots of different ways.

I’d love to do it again next year – it’s a great initiative.”


“I thoroughly enjoyed being part of this event, all the children were so well behaved and polite. The organisation was so slick, how you got the whole year through in such a seem-less fashion was really impressive. Of course the level of interview varied from pupil to pupil but on the whole they came well prepared and approached the experience really positively.”