KS5 Exams Overview

At the beginning of Year 12 students receive a target grade for each subject. This is calculated from GCSE performance and it provides a minimum grade prediction for the end of A Level studies. Students will be assessed regularly each half term through a formal assessment week consisting of a timed assessment in each subject. This will be a past examination question tailored to the content taught in lessons

Once a year students will have a formal mock examination period in which they will take full examination papers in each subject. For all assessments it is the expectation that if students do not meet the required standard set by the teacher, which is likely to be their minimum target grade, then this assessment will be repeated outside of lessons, at a time determined by the sixth form team. Students will be well prepared and supported throughout the preparation for these assessments.

For students on BTEC courses it is crucial deadlines set by subject staff, are met, as the course relies on ongoing assessments which all count towards final grades