LHS Support Staff

All of our Lymm High School email addresses follow the format:
first initialsurname@lymmhigh.org.uk i.e. Joe Bloggs – jbloggs@lymmhigh.org.uk
Title Initial Surname Position
Mrs L Allan Cover Supervisor
Miss K Baird Lead Teaching Assistant
Mrs R Ball Designated Safeguarding Lead & Head of Student Services
Mrs S Balmer Leisure Assistant
Mr J Barratt Senior Science Technician
Mr M Berry Catering
Mr P Blair Maintenance Officer
Mr C Bloor Senior Leisure Assistant
Miss S Boland Catering
Mrs J Bottomley Inclusion Support Manager
Mr N Brown Sixth Form Student Services Officer
Ms H Brown Teaching Assistant
Mr C Brownlow Teaching Assistant
Mrs I Butska Teaching Assistant
Mrs D Callan Cook Supervisor
Ms P Carballido MFL Teaching Assistant
Ms N Carrington Pastoral Support Manager
Miss E Carty Leisure Assistant
Ms P Chambers Senior Finance Officer
Mr T Chan Maintenance Officer
Mr P Chan Science Technician
Mrs K Cheney Independent Learning Centre
Mr K Chow Science Technician
Miss T Clare Catering
Mrs J Clarkson Catering
Ms L Culverhouse Leisure Receptionist
Ms S Daniels Catering
Mrs K Davies Leisure Duty Manager
Mr P Dooley Attendance & Pastoral Officer
Mr M Dore Food Technology Technician
Mr P Ducker Leisure Centre Assistant Manager
Mr P Dunkley Communications Officer
Mrs E Dunn Exams Officer
Mr D Evans Science Technician
Ms M Fairhurst Teaching Assistant
Miss J Fowler Cover Supervisor
Mrs C France Lead Teaching Assistant
Miss E Gamble Academic Tutor
Mrs T Geering Catering
Mr E Hacker Design Technology Technician
Mr L Haddrell Estates Manager
Miss J Harrison Teaching Assistant
Miss K Hayes Deputy DSL
Mrs M Hayes Finance and Retail Assistant
Mrs H Headon PA to Headteacher and Clerk to the Governing Body
Mr P Hendrie Head of Estates & Leisure
Ms K Hewins Teaching Assistant
Ms N Higgins Resources Technician
Mrs W Hill Catering
Ms P Howarth Teaching Assistant
Mrs L Hughes Sixth Form Admin / PA to Head of Sixth Form
Mrs R Hunter Mental Health Lead (Maternity leave)
Mrs V Inskip Finance Officer
Miss J Jackson Catering
Mr C Johnston ICT Technician
Miss J Kane Leisure Assistant
Ms S Kassier MFL Teaching Assistant
Mrs I Kladko Catering
Mrs C Lambert Lead Pastoral Support Manager
Miss R Larkin Teaching Assistant
Mrs K Lau Catering
Mrs J Leighton-Jones Peripatetic Music Teacher (Upper Strings)
Ms A Lewis Sixth Form Attendance Officer
Mrs J Littler Sixth Form Student Services Manager
Mrs F Lofthouse Teaching Assistant
Miss S Lunt MIS Officer
Mr D Maguire Cover Supervisor
Mr S Marsden Business Director
Miss L Massey Design Technology Technician
Mrs N McGillivary Community Officer
Mrs H McKenzie Catering
Miss H McMullen Pastoral Support Manager
Miss N Mealor Teaching Assistant
Mrs K Millar Cook Supervisor
Ms L Mitchell Attendance & Pastoral Officer
Mrs A Mogey Student Services Administrator
Mrs C Mohan Science Technician
Mrs J Monks Exams/ MIS Officer
Ms C Muldoon Catering
Mrs K Neal Assistant SENCo
Miss E Newton Mental Health & Wellbeing Officer
Mr T O'Dwyer Maintenance Officer
Ms S Pang Catering
Mrs Y Poskitt LDD Team Leader
Mr G Powell Teaching Assistant
Mrs S Power MFL Teaching Assistant
Mrs N Purslow Lead Pastoral Support Manager
Ms A Riley Receptionist
Dr D Robertson Teaching Assistant
Mr D Roe Senior ICT Technician
Ms O Ruvinska Kitchen Assistant
Miss C Scully Teaching Assistant
Mrs O Shalaieva Teaching Assistant
Mrs R Shawcross First Aid & Welfare Officer
Ms K Sheldon Student Hub Manager
Miss K Simms Lead Technician (Art/DT)
Mr R Slater-Davis Cover Supervisor
Mr S Soykir Intervention Tutor
Mrs H Stevens HR Manager
Mrs S Tasker EAL Co-ordinator Cover Supervisor
Mr J Taylor Teaching Assistant
Mr D Teeling Maintenance Officer
Mr P Timms Catering Manager
Ms J Timson Independent Learning Centre Manager
Ms D Totty HR Assistant
Ms K Varewdee Raising Achievement Leader (English)
Mr A Warburton Resources Technician
Mr R Waslin ICT & Communications Manager
Miss C Watson Catering
Mr I Watson Leisure Duty Manager
Mrs T Williams Pastoral Support Manager
Mr W Wong Catering
Mr T Wyss Peripatetic Music Teacher (Brass)
Mr M Yu Raising Achievement Leader (Maths)
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