As a parent, you are incredibly influential when it comes to the decisions your child makes in all areas of their lives and that is especially true when it comes to their education and careers. We know that the choices, which are open to your child today, may be very different from when you were in their position and you may feel as if you’re unsure about what advice to offer. There is a wealth of information available that can be both confusing and overwhelming so we wanted to signpost a few sources of reliable information that might help you to navigate your child’s choices more easily.

  • UniFrog – not only do our students have access to UniFrog (our careers platform) but so do all of our parents. Please contact if you have not received your sign-up code.
  • Amazing Apprenticeships produce guides for Parents and Carers on a periodic basis throughout the year. The packs include lots of helpful hints and advice to support your child with their choices particularly when considering apprenticeships.
  • Careermag for Parents connects students and their parents to the latest career and qualification routes available. We recognise that parents are one of the biggest influences on your teenagers’ early career decisions. When your teenager asks ‘What should I do next?’, it can be a daunting question for any parent. Careermag for Parents is here to help you understand teenagers’ options as well as dispelling industry myths and misconceptions along the way. For more details and to register

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