Parental communication with school: FAQs

When should I contact school?

As soon as you have a concern! If in doubt, please contact us; we would far rather you contacted us for reassurance over something that turns out to be minor than spend time worrying about something.

I know class teachers are very busy. Is it ok to contact them?

Yes, it is absolutely fine to contact a class teacher if you need to. We only ask that you respect the fact that most teachers teach around 200 students and cannot, therefore, realistically enter into a detailed dialogue over a prolonged period of time with individual parents. The vast majority of instances where parents need to contact teachers can be dealt with via a quick email exchange, so feel free to do this in the first instance. Please also note that, as stated in our Communication Policy, we do not expect teachers to reply to messages outside of working hours.

Can’t I just contact the Headteacher if I’ve got a problem?

Yes, you are always welcome to contact the Headteacher if you feel you need to (by emailing the Headteacher’s PA, Mrs Headon, at or calling 01925 750707). At the same time, parents will appreciate that in many circumstances it may be more appropriate for another member of staff who has a more detailed knowledge of the issue to respond in the first instance.

How quickly can I expect a response to my queries?

Please refer to the service standards section of the Communication Policy (on the website) for full details. Ordinarily, you can expect a response within 48 hours.

How do I know who is the best person to contact?

The table below is intended to help parents with information about who to contact in certain, common scenarios. If you are unsure about who to contact, we recommend you call the main school reception on 01925 755458, where our staff will be able to point you in the right direction.

Is there anything else I should bear in mind?

Hopefully this guide, along with our full communication policy, covers what you need. The only other thing we would say is that we understand that sometimes parents or carers may be frustrated about issues that arise and we will always do our best to solve these. At the same time, our staff should not have to put up with communication that is rude, abusive or aggressive. Equally, we would much prefer parents or carers to contact us directly with concerns rather than raise them on social media before we have had the chance to respond.

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Who to contact: Quick reference guide

Any safeguarding concern Mrs Ruth Ball is in charge of safeguarding, but Heads of Year (HOY) will also be able to help. Phone Student Services on 01925 750711.
Concerns about bullying Any member of staff. Form tutor will usually be the first port of call, but HOYs and Student Services will also be able to help. We'd hope that the student would be able to speak to somebody in school. They can also use the 'TELLUS' text message system. Otherwise, please email or phone.
Reporting absence or other queries relating to attendance. Phone the Main Office to report an absence. Our attendance officers, Mr Dooley (KS3) and Ms Mitchell (KS4), will be able to deal with other attendance-related queries. Main Office number is 01925 755458. Attendance Officers can be contacted by ringing Student Services or emailing
Concerns about your child's progress in a particular subject Class teacher initially, but please contact the Head of Faculty if this does not resolve the issue. The parent handbook (on the website) has details of Heads of Faculty for each subject. Complaints to the Headteacher should go to Mrs Headon, who also acts as Clerk to the Governors.
Need for information about a particular subject - e.g. the best revision guides to buy or how best to support with homework The 'Curriculum' section on the website has a lot of information. Otherwise try the class teacher or Head of Faculty. See above.
Concerns about the progress of your child generally - i.e. in more than one subject Head of Year. Email or phone call.
A complaint about a member of staff Usually, the Head of Faculty is the most appropriate person, though if it is especially serious, the Headteacher should know. If the complaint is about the Headteacher, it should be made to the Chair of Governors. The parent handbook (on the website) has details of Heads of Faculty for each subject.   Complaints to the Headteacher should go to Mrs Headon, who also acts as Clerk to the Governors.
Concerns about friendship issues The Form Tutor will usually be the best person to approach, but Student Services may also be able to help. We'd hope that the student would be able to approach the form tutor themselves but, if they feel unable to, an email or phone call would be fine.
Queries about ‘Show My Homework’ The website has plenty of information about Show My Homework (under 'Parents' and then 'Homework') and this should answer most queries. If not, try Ms Mulholland. If it's a query about the specific piece of homework, then the class teacher will be the best person to contact. Ms Mulholland’s email address is Alternatively, email or phone class teachers, as explained above.
Questions about uniform The website has details of the uniform policy - for example, in the Parent Handbook. Student Services or Heads of Year will also be able to help. See above.
Questions or concerns relating to SEN provision Miss Yates, our SENCo.
Information about extra- curricular activities - e.g. times of clubs The website has most of the relevant information, but Student Services can help if not. See above.
Questions about, or problems with, Parent Pay Mrs Hayes
Issues relating to finance - e.g. payment for trips Mrs Hayes
Free School Meals Any questions about how to apply, eligibility criteria or the FSM allowance in the canteen. Click here for the FSM application form. Information can also be found on the website. Mrs A Mogey 01925 750711 or
Pupil Premium Any queries about PP eligibility or additional support as a student eligible for PP. The website also has a Pupil Premium section. Head of Year
Exam queries - e.g. dates/times of exams The website usually has all the information you need but if you have problems, Mrs Monks, our Exams Officer, will be able to help.
Term dates These are always on the website, in the calendar and on the term dates page.  
Questions about transport/buses Student Services will be able to answer most queries See above
Lost property Student Services See above
Something that doesn’t fit into any of the categories above Contact reception or Student Services and they will direct you to the appropriate person. Main reception number is 01925 755458