Life After Sixth Form

Throughout their time in Sixth Form, students are encouraged to explore a variety of alternative pathways, from universities, apprenticeships and employment. Our tutorial programme delivered by our form tutors, our life programme sessions and access to our careers adviser, allow students to receive the most up-to-date information to make informed decisions.

You can read what some of our past students have gone on to do by clicking here.

What's on?

This is a list of sessions available for students to support their future applications to university and apprenticeships (click on the image to view). The programme of events for all students, run by a variety of providers are detailed on the last page of this document. These sessions will take place during form time and will be virtual over the coming months in light of the pandemic. Each week, however, there are a huge number of sessions being run by universities and employers to further support students. These range from generic topics regarding applications to subject-specific webinars and seminars. In light of the pandemic, these will prove to be even more beneficial for students to enable them to gain a greater insight into their future studies.

We will update this document weekly with the opportunities available and we encourage students to take full advantage of this. Students can access this and a number of additional resources on the Y12 Microsoft Team.

Futures Newsletter

In addition to What’s On we will be providing students with a Futures newsletter to support their pursuit of life after Sixth Form (click on the image to view). The aim is to support students in managing the time frame of their applications, through career spotlights, tasks and activities. We recommend students use this as a guide of small manageable tasks they are able to carry out in the lead up to submitting their applications.