Supervised study periods

If you have a supervised study period (SSP) this can only be done in the Upper Hex. If your teacher asks you to stay with them (often in Fashion / Art) to work, then they must email one of the Sixth Form team to inform them.

  • All teachers leading SSP sessions will do a register at the start to determine which students need to be in the Upper Hex. Students will then be given priority over the computers and work spaces.
  • Please understand that during busy periods, if students wish to work in the Upper Hex during a session they are not timetabled for, they may be asked to leave to make space for those who need to be there.
  • If students need a computer and there isn’t one available, please tell the teacher leading the session who will ask another student to allow you to do so.
  • Face coverings must be worn at all times (including lunch / break).
  • Office hours will be introduced for those students missing lessons or SSP.