Year 12 Work Experience

We are pleased to confirm initial details of Year 12 Work Experience this year.

All Year 12 students will have the opportunity to participate in this valuable part of their education from Monday 22 June to Friday 26 June 2020.

Please click here for a letter from Head of Sixth Form, Mrs Jennings, with further information.

2019-20 LHS Sixth Form Work Experience – Presentation

2019-20 LHS Sixth Form Work Experience – Medical Consent Form

2019-20 LHS Sixth Form Work Experience –  Placement Form

Parents Forum Feedback

Thank you very much to those parents and carers who gave up their time to attend the parent forum; as always, it was very useful to hear your feedback and this will certainly help us to improve provision for all students. To view the response from Mr Williams in regards to the main items discussed on the evening, including the Key Stage 3 curriculum, knowledge organisers and canteen, please click here.

DofE Update – Nov 2019

All Bronze and Silver students are now registered on eDofE. If your child was absent yesterday and missed their appointment, please ask them to visit the School Shop to speak to Mrs Hill ASAP and certainly by Wednesday 4th December.

Gold students are already in the eDofE system because of previous awards and the vast majority of students are registered and have started their activities. Please ask your child to logon and show you that they’ve completed their section planners for Volunteering, Physical and Skill sections and pressed submit so we can approve their aims. Each year, we have a small number of students who, despite chasing them, don’t press submit so we cannot approve the activity they’ve chosen. Other than the fact that we cannot support them with the award, the biggest danger is that they start an activity which is not on the approved list for that section, for example ‘sporting activities’ can only be chosen in the Physical section and not the Skill section. Please click here for a list of approved activities in all sections – students have also been directed to this document which is on our website under Enrichment/Duke of Edinburgh’s Award, along with other useful documents such as one which has ideas and contacts for Volunteering placements.

Next steps for all students – please get your child to logon to eDofE and complete their section planners. This involves going into the 3 sections (Volunteering, Physical and Skill) and choosing an activity, an aim and an assessor. The assessor will be the person completing the report at the end to confirm the student has completed the activity and will comment on what they have learnt/achieved. The assessor must not be a family member. Sometimes students find it difficult if their skill will be completed at home, for example if they choose Cooking as their skill. In this situation, students should take photos of each step of the cooking process for each dish, upload them to eDofE and show them to their Food Tech teacher who can act as an Assessor. Depending on the item cooked, students may want to bring the finished item into school for their Food Tech teacher to see or taste!

Please ask your child to see Mrs Hill in the School Shop if they have any problems with logging on or choosing an activity on eDofE.

Parent Governor Election Papers

Dear Parents/Carers

As you are aware, we currently have three parent governor vacancies on the governing body.  We have six candidates for these three vacancies therefore we must now hold a ballot.

Your eldest child should bring the letter, statements, ballot paper and two envelopes home with them this evening for you to complete.  Each parent or carer can vote for three of the six candidates; you have one opportunity to vote regardless of the number of children you have in the school.  The closing date for the return of ballot papers is 12 noon on Tuesday 10th December 2019.

Please click here to read the letter and statements in full.  If for any reason you do not receive a set of papers and two envelopes, please contact me via or 01925 755458.

Kind regards

Mrs Headon

Returning Officer


Parent Forum Meeting

We will be holding a Parent Forum event on Tuesday 26th November, starting at 6pm and finishing no later than 7.30pm.

This is an ideal chance for parents to come along and provide us with your feedback on the school, as well as to meet other parents. The headteacher and members of the senior leadership team will be there, along with school governors and they are keen to hear what you have to say. These are informal events and have always proved to be very constructive in the past.

Please bear in mind that we always ask parents attending these events to be aware that they are not the right place to raise specific concerns about your own children (though, of course, you must contact us separately if you have any concerns and we will do all we can to help): the focus is on school policy and practice generally.

If you are thinking of coming along, please let Mrs Headon know ( so that we can plan the appropriate amount of refreshments.

Risky Behaviours Evening

Dear Parents/Carers,

You are warmly invited to a Parental Risky Behaviours evening on Wednesday 13th November for a session led by Warrington Youth Service’s Young People’s Drug and Alcohol Team, where you can access the most up to date information regarding keeping young people safe.

The evening will cover topics such as, social media, e-safety, online gaming, CSE, grooming young people’s use of drugs and alcohol and other risky behaviours and there will be an opportunity to ask questions.

We will start at 6pm with refreshments and a chance to browse some information, with the main presentation will beginning at 6.30pm. The evening is aimed especially at parents of students in KS 3 but anybody is welcome.

We cannot recommend this evening strongly enough and urge every parent to come along.  In a fast  paced, every changing world, the information will raise your awareness of the issues young people face and support parents and carers in keeping young people safe.