Water Safety – The dangers of cooling off in open water

During the current spell of warm weather, please tell your children not to be tempted to cool off in rivers, canals, ponds, quarries or lakes.  Cooling off in open water can have deadly consequences.

Around 85% of accidental drownings occur at open water sites. Many of these drownings occur due to a lack of knowledge and understanding of open water safety. The water may look calm on the surface, but there may still be strong undercurrents that could pull even a strong swimmer under.

The water may also feel relatively warm on the surface, but just a few feet below can be icy cold even in the hot weather and can very quickly cause severe cramp and hypothermia.

Young people often misjudge their swimming ability – they may view a river or lake as a tempting means of cooling off during a hot spell of weather, but fail to appreciate the harmful effects that the cold water can have on their stamina and strength.

Due to these dangers, please speak to your children and teenagers, tell them not to swim anywhere other than in purpose-built and supervised swimming pools.



  • Swim at unsupervised (un-lifeguarded sites) including lakes, quarries reservoirs and rivers
  • Jump into the water from heights or ‘tombstone’ – its nicknamed tombstone for a reason.
  • Swim into deep water which will be much colder


When two currents of water come together and meet causing a ‘whirlpool’ Water moves round in a circle and it is difficult to escape, often an undercurrent will drag down your legs and body in the water.

Cold Shock

When a person suffers from cold shock the swimmer can inhale water due to involuntary gasping reflex and cause immediate loss of consciousness will result in drowning.

Exposure to the head and chest can result in a sudden increase in the heart rate and blood pressure which can result in a cardiac arrest.


Year 11 Prom

This year’s year 11 prom will take palace on Thursday 28th June at Old Trafford Cricket Ground.

The Programme for the evening is:

  • 6:30pm                 Arrivals, receptions drinks
  • 7:00pm                 Dinner to be served at tables (the England match will be shown)
  • 8:00pm                 Presentations and speeches
  • 8:30pm                 Disco
  • 10:00pm              Carriages

The bar will be open for students to purchase soft drinks only. We will be operating a strict no alcohol policy and searches will be conducted on entry. In addition, any students suspected of consuming alcohol prior to the event may be refused entry and parents will be asked to collect them.

The event will provide an exciting opportunity for students to celebrate the end of the exam period, and to enjoy an evening with friends and teachers sharing their memories of their time spent at Lymm High School. All pupils will need to be collected form the venue by a responsible adult.

For those of you coming to the Year 11 prom next Thursday. Please find attached directions and also note that if you are driving you will need to use Car Park 3 on Great Stone Road. If you are being dropped off, this can be done at the entrance on Talbot Road. Please also be aware that due to an international cricket fixture there is increased security and any bags will be searched.

See below for invite letter and additional directions:

Old trafford Cricket Ground Directions

Prom Invite 2018

Founders’ Day Sponsored Walk: 17th July 2018

Founders’ Day is an important event in the school calendar and we are proud to continue the wonderful tradition of celebrating Lymm High School’s Founders’ Day. This year the celebration will take place on Tuesday 17th July and the theme will be ‘A joy to remember’.

Having had such success with the 5K Sponsored Walk previously and the Santa Dash at Christmas, we wish to continue to build on this in order to celebrate our school’s history and community links. On Tuesday 17th July, students and staff are invited to attend school in non-uniform with a sports theme or sensible fancy dress. Please click here for further details.

Water Warning

There are many sites in Cheshire where on a hot day children are entering into the water surrounding Lymm, for example The Bridgewater Canal, The Bollin River, Lymm Dam and the river bed at Warburton. Cheshire Police have asked us to speak to parents/carers about the danger of going into open water after dealing with incidents of children in the locality.

With the warm weather and the whit and summer holidays children and young people may be tempted to take a dip in open water to cool down. Please can you speak with your children to get the message across that rather than being a bit of fun, swimming in reservoirs, quarries, dams, lakes, canals, meres, weirs and similar bodies of open water is very dangerous and every year young lives are lost in tragic drowning incidents.

For awareness it has been reported that some children have become unwell and have had an allergic reaction to being in the local River Bollin suffering a rash and blisters and have had to seek medical attention.

Please see below from Cheshire Police highlighting the dangers around water safety for children and young people.


Beautiful but deadly: why reservoirs are best enjoyed from the banks.

We have 180 reservoirs across the North West, many in beautiful locations. We’d love you to visit your local site, but please, stay out of the water. Reservoirs may look inviting, especially on a hot day, but they are about the worst possible places to take a swim.

The freezing cold water can numb your limbs, while hidden currents and machinery can drag you under, even the strongest swimmers can quickly get into difficulty.